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PREDICCIONES HORANGEL 2012-13 - Part 1 de 7

En esta primera parte HORANGEL nos comenta sobre el futuro signo por signo para los nativos de : GEMINIS - CANCER y LEO continua en Part 2 de 7

Ill-equipped and exorbitant: India's battle against cancer is a horror for its patients

Feb 05, 2016    

By Dr Amit SenguptaOnce discussed in hushed tones, cancer has entered normal drawing room conversations in India. This has to do, on one hand, with a rise in cancer incidence with a change in the country’s demographic profile. Cancer is primarily a disease that afflicts the later decades of life, though we do see a relatively small number of childhood cancers and cancers during adolescence and early adulthood. However, most cancers are clustered in the later decades of life and as people survive more, the incidence of cancer cases increase. The other shift in popular perce...

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