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CHAVEZ ENTUBADO pierde 20 kilos de peso

Chávez habría sido trasladado a un hospital bunker-secreto. Hugo Chávez, habría perdido más de 20 kilos de peso "debido a la forzada alimentación mediante el sistema de entubamiento al que fue sometido luego de la operación inicial" en La Habana, Cuba, en su tratamiento contra el cancer."C ...

Need serious operation to combat 'black money cancer': SIT

May 23, 2015    

New Delhi: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money on Friday said a "serious operation" of strictly enacting and enforcing anti-tax evasion laws is the only solution for combating and winning over the "cancerous" menace of illegal funds stashed abroad and within the country.SIT Chairman Justice (retd) MB Shah, while launching a book on the subject, said a combination of "strong enactment and enforcement" of laws is the most necessary requirement if the country wants to check black money and "bring out" the offenders and various instances of b...

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