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Charity uCHOOZE you choose - Kreator - Karmic wheel - Budd Dwyer - suicide

Remix of Kreator's Karmic Wheel. Track features the audio recording of Budd Dwyer's live, on-air suicide (Jan 22nd 1987). Initially performed and recorded fo...

Rooting out a cancer like Islamic State won't be easy Obama

Aug 27, 2014    

Washington US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that wiping out a radical group like the Islamic State (IS) will not be easy an easy task.The President made the comment as he authorised surveillance flights over Syria, a move seen as a precursor to step up US efforts in the war-torn country to combat the IS, including possible air strikes on its targets, Xinhua reported."Rooting out a cancer like IS won't be easy, and it won't be quick," he said in a speech delivered at the annual convention of the American Legion in Charlotte, North Carolina.He once again ruled out sending back...

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