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Charity uCHOOZE you choose - Kreator - Karmic wheel - Budd Dwyer - suicide

Remix of Kreator's Karmic Wheel. Track features the audio recording of Budd Dwyer's live, on-air suicide (Jan 22nd 1987). Initially performed and recorded fo...

Veteran Chinese democracy activist Chen Ziming dies from cancer

Oct 22, 2014    

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chen Ziming, a veteran Chinese dissident who was jailed by Beijing for what it said was his role as one of two "black hands" behind the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests, died of cancer on Tuesday, friends said. He was 62.Chen remained a moderate critic of China's ruling Communist Party for decades despite serving 13 years in prison for what authorities said was intent to overthrow the government and the spread of counter-revolutionary propaganda. The government viewed Chen, along with think tank researcher Wang Juntao, as "black hands" who c...

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