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Canciones de Navidad Mix No-2 2012-2013 Año nuevo

Una mezcla de canciones navideñas para sacar el espiritu navideño y recordar lo bonito de la vida. Unete a las pags de Facebook y contaguiate del espiritu: •• ...

Transition to gene-based cancer treatment may not be simple| Reuters

Jun 03, 2015    

CHICAGO The medical view of cancer is in transition, as cancer doctors increasingly focus on the defective genes that are driving the disease rather than the organ in which it takes root.Oncologists hope that by understanding the genetic underpinnings of cancer rather than focusing on whether it originated in the breast or the liver, they will be able to give patients better, more personalized and more effective treatments. But leading cancer experts say that as doctors have tested that theory more closely, they are seeing both successes and failures, suggesting that the ideal route to treatin...

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