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1.3.1 Nodus Client

this is a good minecraft cheat client. updated to 1.3.1download- to install. 1. download from mediafire,rename it to minecraft 2. go to your start menu and hit run, type in %APPDATA% 3. open your minecraft folder, open bin 4. drag the minecraft.jar from the download into y ...

Media watchdog fines Hindi channel for misleading claims that yoga can cure cancer

Jul 30, 2015    

The medicalbenefits of yoga have been debated for a long time and the discussion gained prominence before the International Yoga Day in June. While it is an established fact that practicing yoga is indeed beneficial, it is also true that yogais more about prevention than cure.So when an Indian TV show claimed that yoga can 'cure cancer', it comes as no surprise that it waspulled up for providing insufficient information.The show called Yoga for You, broadcast on the Zee Networks Lamhe channel by presenter Pankaj Naram was fined 25,000 for providing misleading medical advice for treating cancer...

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