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Dragon Nest Suffix III Valley of Blindness Walkthrough

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One is blind and one doesn't have arms, but these two friends planted 12,000 trees in China together

May 01, 2015    

Yeli Village: A once-barren bank of the Ye river in central China now has 12,000 trees thanks to unlikely but dedicated gardeners: two friends, one blind and one without arms.The story of Jia Wenqi, 53, with no arms, and his blind friend, Jia Haixia, 54, is one of perseverance, environmental awakening and of finding a path in a country where it is difficult for the disabled to find jobs."Our tree planting may not have much substantial benefit for the present generation, but it leaves a green environment to the next one," Haixi said. "We are physically disabled but mentally healt...

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