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Minecraft Alpha: Episode 4 - Bird Flu

GRAVEL PATHS!Also, down with the sickness, I say!No seriously, I've been sneezing for a solid 3 hours now.Regardless, I'd like to introduce the newest addition to our Alpha world: The Feather Factory! It's kind of useful, as far as lazily collecting feathers goes. Yep.

U.S. on high alert for bird flu after Indiana poultry outbreak | Reuters

Jan 29, 2016    

CHICAGO In the two weeks since bird flu reappeared in Indiana, U.S. veterinarians have swabbed the mouths of chickens and turkeys across the country, racing to uncover any more infections and contain the virus before it causes mass death and damage like last year.

Biologists also are running tests on feces collected from wild birds, which are suspected of spreading the disease to farms.

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