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Asthmanefrin And The EZ Breath Atomizer DOESN'T WORK - POOR PRODUCT!! EZ Breathe Atomizer

This will not be interesting to anyone that does not have breathing problems or know someone that does. Asthmanefrin And The EZ Breath Atomizer Operating the EZ-100 EZ Breathe Atomizer Bronchitis Asthma Breathing Prim COPD Primatene Mist over-the-counter (OTC) inhaler for asthma Armstrong Pharmaceu ...

World Asthma Day: Survey finds 35% kids from Indian metros have poor lung health

May 05, 2015    

In what may come asa shocker for parents, more than one third of school-going kidsfrom Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengalurusuffer from terrible lung capacitieswith children fromthe national capital topping the charts.According to a recent survey, around 35 percent of school-going children in India suffer from poor lung health. The nationwide survey conducted by the HEALFoundation as part of its 'Breathe Blue 2015' campaign said that pollution was one of the major factors for poor lung health in Indian children.The survey, based on a preliminary lung health screening test (LHST), was carried ou...

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