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Arthritis/Rehab&Pain Clinic Dr. M.H Youssef MD Carrollton TX clip 1

Visit our Facebook Page Arthritis/Rehab&Pain Clinic 3740 N Josey Lane suite 232 Carrollton TX 75007 Tel:(972)492-8180Dr. Youssef suffered from Planter Fasciitis for 3 Months it took 2 Prolotherapy Treatments and 2 weeks of Physical Therapy to cure him completely.Getting local anaesthetic Prio ...

Don't ignore your child's leg pain, experts warn (Oct 12 is World Arthritis day)

Oct 12, 2014    

New Delhi, Oct 11 (IANS) Does your child complain of pain in the leg? Don't ignore this as "growing up pain" but consider it as a signal for bone or knee-related ailments in the future, health experts caution.They said that young children are affected with various knee problems like genu valgum/genu varum (knock knees/bow legs), discoid meniscus (an abnormally shaped meniscus in the knee), ligament tear, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and obesity-related knee pain.Yash Gulati, director and head of department, orthopaedics, joint reconstruction and spine surgery, BLK Super Speciality H...

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