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Le jour où tout a basculé : Mon frère m'a volé ma petite amie

EPISODE SUIVANT: ABONNES TOI: le jour où tout a basculé mon frère m'a volé ma petite amie complet.

Ladies, beware of alcohol! May lead to unsafe sexual encounters, says study

Aug 21, 2015    

New York:Alcohol consumption by young women may result in unexpected, unintended and unsafe sexual encounters, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.Links between alcohol consumption and risky sexual encounters are not new, said investigators, but this study identifies the disconnect between what young women have in mind when they drink and have sex and what really happens."The idea behind our study was to first unveil what women expect to happen, and then uncover what consequences really occur," said lead researcher Geetanjali Chander, associate professor of medicine at Jo...

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