Meet Pearl, a startup with 50 ex-Apple engineers building smart car accessories

We know Apple's ambitious car project is in the pipeline, and not much is known. But a team of ex-Apple employees are already building some smart accessories for cars. A startup called Pearl has employed 50 ex-Apple engineers to build smart car accessories.

The startup is formed by three ex-Apple employees who helped in the design and development of iPods and iPhones, according to a report by TheVerge. The trio has hired around 70 employees, out of which 50 worked for Apple in the past. Pearl’s first product - a rearview camera dubbed RearVision – is now out.


RearVision fits near the license plate and syncs with your smartphone. "The differentiator is the attention to quality and detail that Apple is known for. This craftsmanship shines through in Pearl's offering, as well," points out the report. Keeping in mind all weather conditions, the team's chosen die cast aluminum alloy, along with dual camera with 180-degree field of view.

A unit that serves as its brain has been plugged into the car's on-board diagnostic, or OBD port, and the cameras communicate wirelessly with the hub and the smartphone. The cameras have a solar panel built right into the frame and a full day of sun is said to fuel it for a month.

The live stream can be viewed on your smartphone and the camera will let you zoom in too. The device also sends alerts asking you to slow down or stop to avoid collision. The accompanying app has been designed to accommodate your other favourite apps on the homescreen.

Pearl's RearVision comes at a hefty price of $499 that is approximately Rs 33,000.

Published Date: Jun 22, 2016 12:12 pm | Updated Date: Jun 22, 2016 12:12 pm