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The openness of the Android has brought it within the reach of all level of users. Android tablets across all budgets have been surfacing since the iPad made its way on to the store shelf, from renowned makers like Samsung and Motorola to companies you may not have ever heard of. One such low-cost Android tablet, dubbed ZYNC Pad Z909 made its way to our review labs. Priced at Rs.5,200, its price tag reads twice the sum attached to the Aakash and yes, it isn't something we could pit against the creamy layer of the tablet market. Lets find out if the price is justified or the tablet comes with umpteen compromises.


Affordable Zync Pad Z909

Affordable Zync Pad Z909


Design and Build quality
To begin with, the tablet doesn't meet the trendy slim profile that devices have been trying to show off. Reminding us of the Olive Pad, in terms of the bulkiness, the width of the tablet should be around 1cm. It roughly has a block-like design, obviously not literally!, and the curved back has a glossy finish, which is highly susceptible to fingerprints. The unit we received had a gray backside, while front was embedded with the 7-inch, 800 x 400 resistive touchscreen, VGA front-facing camera and a physical LED lit button with a Back symbol marked on it. The front facing camera takes its position off the center, it shifts towards the left side. The upper edge has the Home and Menu/Power button, while the right edge comes with the charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack, mini USB port, microSD card slot that supports up to 16GB of memory and a standard USB port.


Zync Pad Z909 running on Android 2.2


The package bundles the USB cable, earphones, charger, a mediocre stylus, cleaning cloth and a nifty case. It has 4GB of built-in memory, which can be expanded up to 16GB using the memory slot, which we think, is decent. Sadly, the stylus looks like an antenna found on the older cordless phones, which one had to pull out. Moreover, there is no space crafted within the device to accommodate the stylus and it has to be carried separately. The plastic device has a decent build quality, and didn't come across as too plasticy or fragile.

The tablet runs on Android 2.2 and is fuelled by an 800 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM. Going by the fact, most of the low- end tablets cannot afford a capacitive screen, the ZYNC is no exception. The tablet equips a resistive touchscreen, featuring 800 x 480 resolution and has a stylus to assist in inputs. To begin with, the device took more than 2 minutes to boot-up. Here ZYNC adds a bit of customization with a column of apps on the right side, along with the apps icon. You can add shortcuts in the form of widgets to the most frequently used applications. On the other hand, just place and hold your finger on an icon and the applications icon transforms into a Trash bin, wherein you can dump the app. The resistive screen kept us annoyed for the most part and the stylus wasn't much of use, either.

Along the notification bar, you will see touch volume controls, sub-menu and back touch buttons.

Not-so-smooth resistive touchscreen

Not-so-smooth resistive touchscreen


We ran the Linpack test, and the device scores 2.27 MFLOPS for single thread and 2.31 for multi thread. The scores are clearly not very impressive.



Product sourced from Prime ABGB. Contact no: +91 22 6740 2000. Email:  sales@primeabgb.com

The ZYNC Pad supports MP4, MPEG and WAV media formats, while we also tried a 720p video. Although lower resolutions were handled fine, it managed to display a highly compressed 720p video with quite some stutter and it also lagged. So, one can't really expect to watch a 720p video. The video interface is maintained simple with the playing bar that lets you move the movie to any point of your choice. You can choose from shuffle, loop and also adjust the brightness by just tapping the brightness icon on the screen. The audio file formats supported by the device, include mp3 and wma. The music interface is again simple and straightforward. The loudspeaker is decent enough for personal and mass listening.

Check your music

Check your music


On the connectivity front, it supports Wi-Fi. However, we did take some time to connect it via Wi-Fi and the connection wasn't stable at times. It has very less on plate for connectivity options. One will find Bluetooth, SIM slot for call functionality, EDGE/GPRS and HDMI ports have been given a miss. A lot has been compromised on the connectivity front. Web browsing was just about fine, it does take some time to load pages. The resistive screen and low-res screen doesn't make gaming any fun, either, one of the biggest hindrance is that the taps aren't accurate.

managed to play compressed 720p video

Managed to play compressed 720p video


It equips the Lithium-ion polymer 3000mAh battery. With sporadic usage, the tablet’s battery life stretched up to 8 hours. In our continuous video playback test, the tablet ran out of power in around 2 hours.

The tablet is marked at an M.R.P. of Rs.5,990, but it can be bought for Rs.5,200 through online sites, which definitely sounds affordable. The ZYNC Pad Z909 tablet has a good build and comes at an affordable price. The resistive screen and the mediocre stylus could hamper a smooth experience, while the connectivity palette would keep you unsatisfied. The screen gives a tough time, which could be a big downer for the device, although the price seems very attractive. But low-end tablets would mean, some compromise or the other, it's not an Apple iPad or Samsung Tab, if you are looking for a swift and smooth performance better shell in some more money and buy a higher end tablet.


Sleek Innovative TOUCH with TYPE ! The experience of touch with type is now for everyone ! ZYNC brings an affordable yet innovative product for the masses. The product will create a revolution for the people who are new to the experience of touch giving them not only the flexibility to experience both the feel of touch yet the ease of type. With your ZYNC 909 you can download games and Apps for free direct from the Android Market. All you need to do is sign in with your Google account and thousands of games and Apps are right there at your fingertips, ready to download onto your very own ZYNC 909.


Screen Size 7
Screen Resolution (pixels) 800 x 480
Screen Type TFT resistive touchscreen


Internal Storage 4GB, 256MB RAM
Upgradeable Upto Yes


Megapixel VGA
Resolution (pixels) 640 x 480
Front facing camera 0.3MP


Speaker Stereo Speakers
Audio connector 3.5mm


3G Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
USB v2.0


OS Google Android
Version 2.2


Speed 800 MHz


Type Li-Ion
Capacity 3000mAh

Miscellaneous Features

Bundled Apps Facebook|#|Skype|#|Twitter|#|MSN|#|Google Search|#|Maps|#|Gmail|#|YouTube|#|Google Talk|#|Picasa Integration|#|HTML Internet Browser
Other Features Games, Organizer, Document Editor, Image Editor, Email

After Sales Service

Warranty 1

Published Date: Feb 21, 2012 12:41 pm | Updated Date: Feb 21, 2012 12:41 pm