X mini Happy Portable Speaker

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This is the second X mini product we are reviewing. It's those cute little accordion-like things that try their best to emit some decent sound, and more or less do a nice job. This model is called the X mini Happy, and it’s a cute, tiny little speaker system for group listening.

Design and features
Still retaining the original design, this little black spherical speaker is basically made of two solid hemispherical parts that lock on - the upward facing one has the driver, a 40 mm concave piece protected behind 2 strips that extend out of the chassis itself. It’s neat and compact, with a smooth matte black surface. These two surfaces can click open to extend out, exposing a ribbed, accordion like spring body.

This new model has some major upgrades, mainly in the form of storage on a memory card. The slot for the same is neatly integrated into the sides just like every other i/o or control on the unit. These comprise one headphone out, a mini USB in for charging, volume dial and mute button. One of the nice provisions thrown in the X mini Happy, to make us really quite happy, is an attached 3.5 mm cable, a short one that is coiled into a recess carved out on the bottom side. This way one doesn’t have to worry about carrying extra cables - it becomes a fully portable MP3 player now, with storage option added.

The unit plays MP3s and WMAs and supports upto 8 GB storage. The total output power is 2 watts, with a rated SNR

Published Date: Mar 10, 2010 01:57 pm | Updated Date: Mar 10, 2010 01:57 pm