Wipro E.go WNB7XFD182 Netbook

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Wipro, one of India’s IT majors has stepped into a tangential yet lucrative market, that of netbooks. The model we have today for review, is the E.go 10 inch. The special thing here is that the netbook also comes under the tablet category, as we shall soon see.

The color we received was deep cherry red, and personally it's not my favorite, but finish wise we liked it. It’s a bit glossy on a metallic texture. The red extends to the internal wristrest too, but the keyboard and touch pad are black. Ergonomically speaking now, the keyboard is about 90% of a full size, and resembles a typical laptop set without any space in between keys. The tactile feel is very comfortable; also the keys have a firm flex response, they are not light and flubby.

The touch pad is covered by a matte black slab, which is quite rough, which is good for much needed friction in usage. The buttons are separate metallic push buttons, this too is something I appreciate, unlike the aesthetic compromise that foreign brands do in camouflaging the buttons into the pad itself. Separate buttons have better ergonomic factor.

The most important factor is that this screen rotates out 180 degrees and turns flat face up. The screen is touch responsive, and works on fingers and stylus alike, except a stylus would be better for normal Windows OS as icon sizes are small. The latter is hidden inside the chassis and is accessible from the top panel.


Operating System

Published Date: Apr 21, 2010 05:22 pm | Updated Date: Apr 21, 2010 05:22 pm