Wharfedale EVO Signature 50 Floorstanding Speakers

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Amidst the chaos of smaller “gadgety” speakers and portable docks swarming the audio market today, there still stands a well carved out niche containing the good old wooden cabinet tall boy speakers, and this community exists in India too. The obvious customers for these kinds of speakers are Audiophiles and Home theater enthusiasts. Today we have a reputed brand called Wharfedale, and the speakers are from their Evo signature series: the Evo 50 floorstanding speakers.

Classy yet subdued would be the descriptive one liner here, with a walnut brown veneer for the external finish all round. The cabinet isn’t a straight cuboid; rather it has convex, rounded sides, with flat top and bottom faces. Thus the back panel is thinner than the front. The speakers have a good front to back depth too. The drivers are initially shielded by a brownish grey grille, that detaches out to expose a 3 way