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As much as we might complain about CRT monitors being old, boring and power inefficient, there’s one thing many will agree – CRTs displayed colours beautifully and they had great contrast ratios. We might think that we’re better off with our fancy new 22-inch LCD screens with their miniscule response times and monstrous contrast ratios, but the fact remains that manufacturers are only trying to match CRTs.


The VP2655wb takes up a lot of room

The VP2655wb takes up a lot of room



Cheap TN panels are all over the place these days and pretty much every LCD monitor in the market today is based on them. Those aware and are particular about colour reproduction will look for something better and they’ll probably come across the product we’re reviewing today – the 26-inch Viewsonic VP2655wb.

The Viewsonic VP2655wb uses a 1920x1200 resolution IPS panel, which is of the 16:10 aspect ratio instead of the usual 16:9 displays you find. The larger aspect ratio means you get a little more vertical workspace which would be useful while browsing since pretty much every web page is longer than wider. Movie buffs might want 16:9 displays but how many of the movies you watch today are really 1:1.78? They’re often 1:2.4 or somewhere in that range, so you still get the black bands at the top and bottom of the frame.

Only the basic connectivity options are present on the VP2655wb

The display only comes with a DVI and a D-Sub port. For a display of this sort, we could’ve used an additional DVI or HDMI port. There’s USB connectivity as well, so you can use four ports to connect flash drives and other devices to it. The location of the ports is at the bottom of the display so quick accessibility is bound to be a problem.

The display comes with a height-adjustable stand design which also swivels and rotates. It’s welcomed, since it makes the portrait view possible. The motion isn’t as fluid as on a high-end NEC display for example. Still, the feature itself is pretty rare to find on monitors these days.
On-screen display interface
The onscreen display is the standard design found on most Viewsonic monitors. It is intuitive and simple to use at the same time. It’s also pretty customisable in the sense that you can change the timeout period for the menu and also its position on the screen. There are a few power saving modes which do nothing but adjust intensity of the backlight. Although brightness and contrast settings are present, there are no other dedicated dynamic backlight controls though.

Build Quality
The build quality of the screen is commendable. We found the stand to be extremely sturdy but it takes up a lot of space due to its large three legged design, which means that the screen can’t be pushed right back to the wall unless you choose to wall mount it.

 The large stand takes up a lot of table space

The feet of the stand are layered with a rubberised material that prevents movement on the surface it’s kept on. The buttons are of average quality and there are no fancy designs and backlighting features that you would find on a mainstream display. The only light besides the display comes from the power button indicator.

The colour reproduction quality really shows when you power on the VP2655wb. There are no patches within gradients which is generally a sign of good colour reproduction. There’s no noise either. The colours are oversaturated and the display has to be calibrated thoroughly before use. The reds were clearly the gaudiest of all the colours. Backlighting was even but we felt that the black levels weren’t up to the mark. The dark areas were still pretty grey no matter how much you tweaked the brightness settings. Still, blackness levels were better than you would find on a TN panel. Viewing angles were decent. We noticed no input lag, so this monitor can also be used for gaming without worrying too much about having poor aiming accuracy. Movie clips and animations show no blurring or shadow effects either, which makes the display ideal for all kinds of multimedia.

The Viewsonic VP2655wb is a no-nonsense display with its Plain Jane look.  Apart from a few quirks which include the stand design, we’re pretty impressed by its performance. The VP2655wb sells for an approximate Rs. 44,999, which is quite expensive even for a 27-inch display. But if you’re in the market for a good quality panel, the VP2655wb is an option to consider. On the downside, you get a display which supports the same resolution as a Rs. 10,000 priced 22-inch panel. For around the same price as the VP2655wb, one can purchase a display supporting 2560x1440 with matching features and performance.

Published Date: Feb 04, 2011 09:30 am | Updated Date: Feb 04, 2011 09:30 am