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Smartphones and tablets have been tamed well to handle your personal and professional lives, owing to the multitude of productivity, utility and gaming apps available at app stores. Talking about productivity, Office suites for mobile are quite handy, enabling you to create, view, edit and collaborate Word documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations on the move. One such app is the ThinkOffice, which is available on the leading mobile platforms, namely, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. While it may not be the best Office suite available for mobile devices, it is the cheapest Microsoft Office-based suite available on the app stores and delivers a decent performance. This mobile office suite has a Lite version also known as the ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer and one can pay to upgrade it to the pro version for their tablet or smartphone. Here's a quick review of the ThinkFree Mobile for Android devices.

Design and layout
The user interface of the ThinkFree Mobile is quite straightforward. Featuring a lighter shade of brown in the background, the app displays options like Docs, Recently visited docs, Print (ThinkFree Mobile Pro shows the Template option instead) and Online while the ThinkFree Office Mobile version (especially crafted for smartphones) will directly show you options to access Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, which are termed as Write, Calc and Show respectively, along with PDF viewer. The UI is very neat and you will instantly get a hang of it. You can easily see where the files are located and even import them from your local drive and online through the ThinkFree online service (free signing up gives you 2GB of free space) or Google docs. Navigating across the files from Write to Calc is also very simple. It is integrated with a File manager, which makes searching and saving local docs easier. There is ease of workflow with the native printing option, but you will have to buy the ThinkFree Print Mobile app to use it.


Straightforward and neat UI


Features and performance
The pro version will enable you to view, create and edit documents on the go. Although not loaded with formatting features, it is sufficient for your day-to-day work. It lets you bold, underline and even change the font of the text. It will show frequently copy, cut, paste, delete and more functions next to a selected text or object, and you can insert tables, shapes, images. It also has a smart work lookup feature. Though it claims to support doc and docx, we were unable to work on doc files using the app. Moving to Calc or Spreadsheets, the pro version here too supports multiple formatting options such as setting borders, background colours, resetting cells, copying, sorting, merging and inserting images. Here again, it didn’t let us work on .xls.


Sufficient formatting features


You can create a new presentation with a single tap using the several layout designs made available and also insert images, shapes and tables. The PDF ability lets you view file, find text and even move to a particular page with Go To option, but you can’t edit the file. It also lets you download file attachments from your email. What we really liked is its collaborative abilities, which allows real time sharing with co-workers, just like the Google Drive. Online storage options are limited and you won’t find support for Dropbox, Box and so on.

It is a cheaper mobile office suite option compared to other apps like Documents To Go and QuickOffice. Though not feature loaded, Write, Calc and Show have sufficient formatting options for your daily work and can handle documents quite well. The app lets you work with images too. The collaborative feature helps it earn additional brownie points. But if you are looking for a wider range of cloud options and slick syncing ability, then it may not be the best option around. ThinkFree Office Mobile is available as Lite viewer, Mobile Pro and Office Mobile versions for Android and has apps optimised for smartphones and tablets.


Click here to download the ThinkFree Office Mobile for Android.

Click here to download the ThinkFree Office Mobile for iOS.

Published Date: Feb 06,2013 05:24 pm | Updated Date: Feb 06, 2013 05:24 pm