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The BenQ XL2410T is a 23-inch, full HD LED monitor, which also has 3D capabilities. It is also being endorsed by two world famous gamers, HeatoN and SpawN. Of course, all these endorsements and tags of 3D and LED also mean that the monitor is expensive. So is it worth the money?The BenQ XL2410T

The BenQ XL2410T


Design and Features
The XL2410T has a very simple look, with a matte finish border which is made of plastic. The menu buttons are at the bottom right of the border and are pretty accessible but don’t light up, which might be a problem while trying to make adjustments in the dark.


Sure, this monitor isn’t that thin, but it makes up for sturdiness here. It has a rather large stand which supports the screen very well. The entire package is also quite heavy, so that helps in making it quite stable. The best thing about the stand is that it is fully adjustable. It can be rotated, tilted, swiveled around and the height can be adjusted as well. The XL2410T is also VESA compliant, in case you want to prop it up on your wall with a mount.

It tilts, swivels and grows in height!

It tilts, swivels and grows in height!


As far as connectivity goes, the XL2410T has HDMI, VGA and a DVI-D. The DVI-D is a DVI dual link input, which is required to use the 3D function, as the HDMI is only version 1.3. This is sort of a let down, as I huess most people would probably prefer HDMI 1.4 over DVI-D. I know I would.


The inputs

The inputs


Unfortunately, I could not test this monitor’s 3D capabilities due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we did get to see what else it does. But I promise to update this article as soon as possible.

Using this monitor is really easy. The interface is very simple and intuitive. There are quite a few options when it comes to adjusting the picture apart from the brightness and contrast. BenQ has provided some presets, which are pretty standard such as Movie, Photo, Eco, etc.

HeatoN and SpawN, the gamers who endorse the XL2410T

HeatoN and SpawN, the gamers who endorse the XL2410T


I first tested the XL2410T with our test Blu-ray disc, and I was really impressed with the colour reproduction. Even the black levels were really nice and deep. During the action sequences, I did notice a little bit of ghosting, but it was quite negligible. I even tried my hand at playing Mafia II, and I must say that it was a fun experience. My one problem with this monitor is the viewing angle, which is not that great. But then again, most LED-lit screens still have this problem.

The rear view

The rear view


Next up was the DisplayMate test, in which the XL2410T did pretty well. It scored a total of 42 out of 60 points, which is a very respectable score. The colours were all even and there wasn’t much sign of streaking and ghosting either. It also did not show any telltale signs of moiré patterns or judder either and the black levels were also really good.. Overall, this monitor didn’t ace the DisplayMate test, but came out above average.

  Bringing your favourite games to life

Bringing your favourite games to life


This is a really good monitor, but it is very expensive at Rs. 31,200. Of course, it does also have 3D capabilities, which could justify its price. I really like everything this monitor has to offer, as it has great colour reproduction, deep, dark black levels and is super sturdy as well. The only major aspect standing in its way is the price. However, if you are a hardcore gamer and have a rig specifically built for gaming, this may just be the right buy for you.


BenQ – the world's leading LED monitor brand – has again successfully taken the lead to launch LED monitor for gaming! Such technological revolution is bound to bring a whole new visual experience and enjoyment to the world of gamers. HeatoN and SpawN rocked the gaming world as the core of Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) and SK Gaming teams that created a legend with their many triumphs at Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) tournaments and the World Cyber Games (WCG). As two of the brightest stars in the Counter-Strike niverse, they know what gamers really need and what they really crave in their gear. That's why BenQ invited HeatoN and SpawN to join forces and develop an LED display just for hardcore gamers like themselves. With a screen image that's redrawn 120 times every single second, there's never a lag between what's happening in the virtual world of your favorite game and what you actually see on screen. Drawing on hyper-speed video processing technology, the XL2410T gives on-screen action a captivating realism. You can spot your opponents the instant they make their move, and track their movements accurately, so victory or defeat always comes down to your skill and not a sluggish display that leaves you frustrated. The display mode hotkey makes changing the size of the screen content as simple and quick as a button press. Instantly switch among 17", 19", 19" widescreen, and 22" widescreen formats so you get the best possible view of whatever you happen to be watching. You can also take advantage of the Smart-Scaling button, added especially for the benefit of gamers. You can adjust the size of the screen content until your avatar's actions precisely correspond to your expectations based on your control movements, so you can perform with peak effectiveness. Already certified as NVIDIA(R) 3D Vision™-ready, the XL2410T is able to handle the most action-packed graphics-intensive 3D games or movies without missing a beat, enabling you to experience their virtual worlds with total realism. The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) display mode provides side by-side display of video from two independent video sources. It supports a variety of interfaces—including D-sub, DVI, and HDMI. Enjoy simultaneous views of a game and a website or a movie. PBP is an easy way to double your fun. Tailor the height, tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel adjustment of each monitor to perfectly fit each individual user! An understated toughness that keeps the focus where it should be.


Monitor Type LED
Screen Size 23.6
Resolution (Pixels) 1920 x 1080
Flat Screen Yes
Dot Pitch 0.2715
Response Time 2
Panel Type (TN/MVA/PVA/IPS) TN
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 170/160 Degree

General Features

HDCP Support Yes

Computer Interface

D-Sub Yes


Swivel Yes
Height Adjustment Yes

Power Management

Operation 45
Suspend/Standby Mode 1


Dimensions (W x D x H) 570 x 181.3 x 347.4
Net Weight 6.37

More Features

Other Features Senseye 3|#|AMA|#|Premium Vista Compatibility|#|Win7 Compatibility|#|Tilt (down/up)|#|Kensington

After Sales Service

Warranty Period 3


Warranty Period 3

Published Date: Mar 22, 2011 09:57 am | Updated Date: Mar 22, 2011 09:57 am