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One of the reasons for Android’s popularity is its flexibility and the ability to install all kinds of apps and software mods to it. Now, there are tons of apps that do everything from helping you manage your time to reading news, but there are some more apps that let you do interesting things on your phone. Tasker is probably at the top of this and is considered to be one of the world’s top Android apps.


Design and user interface


The user interface is very basic but functional


The user interface itself is simple and is nowhere as fancy as some of the apps in the store. It’s made up of three tabs, an add button and a Tasker on/off switch. Typically, this app runs in the background at all times, but it doesn’t slow down the phone at all. The user interface is designed purely to be functional. The way you use it is that you add either profiles, tasks or scenes. All in all, after using it for half an hour or so, it’s easy to figure the way around. 


Features and usability

iPhone users might have Siri to talk to, but Android users don’t need personal assistants—not if you’re using Tasker. Think of Tasker as the brain that keeps a close eye on all the sensors and happenings, reacts to them and performs tasks accordingly. While this seems like just another app with nothing special, the possibilities are endless. 


Endless possibilities due the number of permutations and combinations



Tasks are usually the reactions to a particular scene. For example, you can set it up to automatically turn the phone to silent every time you keep the phone facing down. You can even toggle Wi-Fi by shaking the phone. And these are just some of the simplest examples.  


Tasker can monitor things like the orientation of the phone, the proximity sensor, signal strengths, light levels and many many more. Similarly, it can also monitor notifications from apps, including third party ones. There’s also a Scenes feature that lets you create your own interface with icons and menus that you can interact with. To check out the entire list of events that can be triggered to do tasks, check out the Tasker app page on the Google Play store.


The possibilities are endless, but there’s a learning curve to it. You have to be the kind of person who likes to play around the combinations and variations to come up with some really complex automated solutions. Now, if you aren’t into this kind of thing, or you’re just learning the ropes, there are a bunch of readymade Tasker scripts available for download. Downloading them and using them takes just a minute. There are also plenty of tutorials and documentation available on the site too. If you want, you can even back up your data and restore to other phones when you clear your OS or flash a new ROM.  


Multiple tasks can be set up and then assigned to events



We tried running Tasker on Android 4.2.1 and it runs perfectly fine on it. A few events were disabled due to the recent Android update though. 


Verdict and price in India

Tasker isn’t free and costs roughly Rs. 350 on the Google Play Store. It’s compatible with Android 1.6 and above. You’re likely to enjoy the app by just using it and experimenting with all the scenarios and features that it has to offer. In that way, it’s like a sandbox tool for your phone that lets you do all kinds of fun stuff. But after you’re done with all the playing around with the app, it’s actually a very good functional tool that can automate a lot of your tasks for you. It can also let you do tasks that typically would have needed a rooted device and a custom ROM installed.


To download this app for Android click here.

Published Date: Dec 03, 2012 09:34 am | Updated Date: Dec 03, 2012 09:34 am