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Stellar Phoenix’s Word Recovery software that we had reviewed earlier was quite impressive, and we felt that it would make a lot of sense for small offices, or data repair centers. Now we have Stellar’s Outlook PST Repair software, which is similar, but is aimed at recovering Outlook PST files.

Interface and Features
Stellar has stuck to a very simple interface, something similar to what we saw in their Word Recovery software. Not only does it look simple, the interface is also quite easy to use, for all kinds of users. Setting up is quick, where you only have to download and activate the product, and you’re good to go.

Outlook PST Repair can be used to recover an entire mailbox as well as deleted emails. Stellar also says that it can repair damaged/corrupt PST files even if they are larger than 2GB. Another feature that’s available with the demo version is the ability to preview repaired files in the program itself.

The startup is similar to the Word Recovery software

The startup is similar to the Word Recoverysoftware


When you run the application, it begins with a box appearing that will ask you to enter the path of a corrupted file or search for PST files in folders or drives. The interface has a lot of resemblance to Microsoft Outlook, complete with tabs for Calendar, Mail, Notes, and so on. The main panel is towards the right and has a spreadsheet-like layout with columns for From, To, Subject and Date. The pane on the left has a tree layout with all the categories listed out neatly. Below these two, there’s a third pane that gives you an overview of the data that has been recovered from the damaged PST file such as the number of mails, contacts, tasks and so on.

Files are corrupted during a random PC shutdown or due to a drive getting damaged. We tried corrupting a PST file which involved backing it up, then altering some of the content and finally trying to open them in Outlook again. Doing so, Outlook gave us an error that the file could not be opened. When we tried to repair this file on Outlook PST Repair, it gave us an error saying that the file was invalid.

Even though the PST file was valid and opened through Microsoft Outlook

Even though the PST file was valid and opened through Microsoft Outlook


We saw that recovering a file that’s deleted was pretty quick, something which was done a tad slower in the Word Recovery software. While you can recover files, you can also preview what all has been recovered by clicking on the tabs. For e.g. clicking on Mail will show you all the mails, clicking on Calendar will show all your entries in the calendar and so on.

The Outlook PST Repair software is priced at Rs. 6,400, which is a good bit more expensive than the Word Recovery software. The ability to quickly retrieve lost mails and related data is of highest priority to many. If you take into consideration that the information is of extreme prioirity to the user, then the price being asked is fair. You can give the software a try from the link here; it's only the demo version, though.

Published Date: Jun 29, 2011 12:49 pm | Updated Date: Jun 29, 2011 12:49 pm