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Waking up in the morning, and not finding your phone is a very relieving thought if you never loved your phone in the first place and of course, you would have backed up all your data on your PC or memory card. After all your sim contacts and messages are backed up, you have nothing to lose except for a sad ugly & depressing handset. Perhaps, if you want your next endeavour to have a more than just stylish feel to it, you might want to read on.

Form Factor

This phone is like any other handset with the QWERTY keypad, (read broad and large screen) and unlike the regular Java based handsets, it's surprising fast. The Spice QT-66 comes across as a very jazzy phone as far as the looks are concerned. It has a 2.4 inch wide screen, sporting a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The display is better than most of the Spice phones out there with 262K colors, but the display is still not multimedia ready. I shall elaborate more on that a bit later. At just 92 gm its probably one of the lightest QWERTY keypad Dual Sim phone available in the market currently. The earlier versions of this phone were kind of misfits in terms of look and feel. The keypad is rigid and sturdy, responsive and comfortable at first use itself. The fact that Spice has thrown a couple of more buttons on this handset, is kind of cool, as now we have a complete Blackberry like feel. Additions include the Enter key, a larger Symbol key and the Send button for text messages.

On the top, you wont miss an antenna (yes you read it right), beside the mini-usb port & the 3.5"earphone jack. A speaker which is quite loud and annoying at times is strategically placed right behind the handset on top of the battery socket. Sim 1 and Sim 2 are too cramped on top of each other, which can be annoying at times, and the 2 memory card slots are well placed besides each other, however no hot swap here. It supports upto 16GB T-Flash (consolidated), as you have only 87 MB internally which is hardly enough

Features and Performance

Interface & Multimedia
Looking at a Blackberry look-a-like, Java based handset at less than half the price of the Blackberry, is clearly a killer deal, however it's a sin to expect anything close to what a Blackberry offers. Ok, if we haven't already started on the wrong foot, the QT-66 comes in bundled with a lot of useful and edgy features. The interface is a complete rip-off of the Symbian 60 series, and the menu is very boxy and tight. But I really like the cool menu animations, especially the Ubuntu like screen flips. The interface is pretty smooth and as I have already told you, quite snappy.

I would not go too much into details here, and moving on to the multimedia experience I felt a bit dissapointed. The music player as always has been a strictly basic one without any added features to it. But, this notion really needs to be changed among the mobile manufacturers as the music can be a great selling point, as its never late to start bettering the feature that can really drive sales in our country. Let alone that, Video player is also not a great asset on the phone, as it only plays 3GP files and could not play MP4 as they claim. The Image editor and FM recorder are cool features to have but a really depressing process to start with. There are some games too but you really can't expect much multimedia on these Java based phones to say the least.

Probably the major factor that you should consider before considering buying this phone is the Wi-Fi component. It's quick, snappy and setup was a breeze. Surfing on Wi-Fi is clearly a different experience all together. Moving on, the phone is a Dual band and supports WAP/GPRS, but does not support 3G. The phone also comes in with Bluetooth, which its predecessors didn't, and this time around it also supports A2DP too. The box pack comes loaded with USB connector and PC Suite CD which is better than other phones in the same range. Transfering music and pictures was a good experience and regardless of what you may think, there is also USB charging enabled which I feel is a very good feature and must have in the phones of this category.

Published Date: Jun 01, 2010 04:44 pm | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2010 04:44 pm