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After their Skullcrusher headphone review, we are moving on to another snazzy headphone model in the Skullcandy lineup, called the Lowrider. This brand is known for its over the top designs, and its sheer variety available, for all tastes however obscure.

Design and features
A serious workhorse when it comes to the design, I would like to shout “respect” to the entire range in this section before scrutinizing the particular model in our hands. There are over 30 really rad designs to choose from - choicest color combinations chosen from an intricate palette. We have received the “white and purple”, a harmony of two contrasting shades interspersed equally over the exoskeleton of the Lowrider Headphone. The earcups’ outer casing is a shiny purple, with a silver logo etched on, artfully displaying a skull in an eagle. The pads are white, and contain a firm but comfortable cushion. The headband is again dually covered by white at the top, and purple on the side stalks. The joints are metallic silver and the headband is foldable.

Another mechanical offering are the cans themselves. They swivel out and fold in like a DJ headphone. The cable is thin, and white too, except for the EP 3.5 mm plug at the end which is again purple. I have a small gripe here: the length is a wee bit short. Also the build quality is such that speculation about the Lowrider’s longevity is incited. The impedance is 32 ohm, and max power output is 400 mW. The driver size is 40 mm. Rated frequency response is 18Hz-20 KHz.

Once slipped on, we realized that it’s quite a comfortable wear— lightweight and unobtrusive. Since the design is supraural, one will not get that full engulfed feel, and outside noises do come in. But the good part is the loudness. Though not specified, it seems to be quite a sensitive pair. The highs are very clear, and clearly the dominant part of the frequency response. Mid frequencies too are crisp and forward sounding, but not jarring. The bass response is what can be termed as lagging a bit behind the rest of the spectrum, though it's not totally absent. We played a sine tone sweep across the entire frequency - the bass tapers below 40 Hz.

At Rs. 1,899, these headphones are worth it for stylized individuals with a fashion sense. The variety available in colors is unparalleled, the design is also very snazzy and cool. The younger crowd will surely dig it. Sound quality wise it’s not bad at all, with good loudness levels, except bass could be more harder and deeper.

Published Date: Jan 05, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Jan 05, 2010 09:58 am