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It hasn't been too long since the Chat 335 launched in India. Funnily enough, we got the phone before you guys read about the launch, but then that was when the official press release hit us. But keeping all that aside, the Chat 335 is aimed at the youth who are constantly texting or networking. We give it a spin to see whether it’s worth your money.

Design and Build Quality

Not only has Samsung stuck to the standard QWERTY design, but they’ve also added to the look and feel of the phone.  The phone has a nice metallic frame which gives it a classic look. The QWERTY keypad has been laid out well with all the keys being easy to reach. The optical trackpad in the middle is very convenient to use, plus it is very responsive as well. The back cover has a unique design and lends to a good grip on the Chat 335.

Good features overall...

Good looking and well designed...


There’s not more than the volume rocker on the left while there are two ports at the top for an audio jack and a mini-USB cable. I would have appreciated a small flap over the USB port which keeps it safe from dust. Otherwise, the Chat 335 has been designed very well with good build quality.

The operating system is Java-based and there’s nothing new in the interface but then again it’s quite easy to operate and there’s no sign of lagging while you operate the phone. In the settings there’s a ‘Smart Home’ option that lets you choose between four (actually two) different homescreen options. You can use the Smart Idle mode where there’s a quick launcher for various options like messaging, Facebook, Twitter and so on. The other three modes are normal, where the screen only displays the Digital clock. So in terms of interface, you might take a while to get used to the Smart Idle screen with the quick launcher, but after that it’s pretty easy to use.

easy to use interface

easy to use interface


It’s not the newest feature out there but customizing your screen in terms of fonts and themes of your choice is a good addition nevertheless. So to sum it all, the interface is very good without any kind of snags that might irritate you at the end of the day.


One of the main features of the Samsung Chat 335 is supposed to be the kind of connectivity options it boasts of. There’s your regular EDGE and GPRS where it’s not difficult to surf the internet, and you won't face any problems with Social Networking either. A good feature has to be Wi-Fi. And talking about Wi-Fi, I was wondering why the option was hidden in applications while the fact is that it isn’t an application in the first place? I would rather prefer the Wi-Fi option to be in the settings or maybe the main menu itself. Anyhow, the Wi-Fi works very well and if you’re browsing the web through a high speed router, you’ll really love how easy it is to use this phone for various Internet based applications like checking your e-mail or Facebook. The Bluetooth works well and transferring files is quite fast.

When coming to the SNS integration like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll understand that it’s really easy to use these applications. Facebook did have its own format for updating users about their friends, but that as well is quite easy to use. There’s also the Yahoo and MSN instant messenger options so you have these at your disposal if you’re interested in chatting.

It will not take you long to realize that this phone is not really a good option for Media-loving users. You can’t expect much with a strictly average screen, but nevertheless the Chat 335 can amuse the user for about half an hour.

A few good... games

A few good... games


There’s audio support for MP3 and AAC+ and the video support includes playback for MP4 and H.264 formats. While audio is not the best feature of the Chat 335, the video is quite average. The FM Radio option is pretty good, but again it’s not the best that we’ve seen.
Miscellaneous Features
The Chat 335 has all your other mundane features like applications for an Organiser, Bluetooth Messenger, Voice Recorder, Stopwatch, Timer, Dictionary and the likes. Using these applications are as simple as they can get. You can also download some specific Samsung apps for your phone through the Samsung Apps option.

Good looking and well designed...

Good features overall...


A 2 megapixel camera might not be one of the best features of the Chat 335, but it still delivers a good images. The colours are not too washed out or anything, but it should also be noted that the pictures should be of the highest resolution as possible. In the image below, I chose a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The images at a poor resolution don’t look good enough on the mobile screen.

Good outside images, colors look fresh and real

Good outside images, colors look fresh and real


Inside shots are not as good as outside ones, but are pretty average. The picture below was also shot with the highest resolution.

Not as good....

Not as good....


Another one of those places which impresses us quite a bit. With your average everyday calls, texting and some multimedia usage, the Chat 335’s battery runs for quite a while. A single full charge will last you a day and a half, or maybe even two. So the battery is a very good feature of the Chat 335.

You've had a tiring day

You've had a tiring day


The Chat 335 is priced at Rs. 5,800 which, at first glance, seems to be a good price. Now, the question that remains is whether it’s a good choice for text-heavy people or the 24/7 online social networking kinds. If you can manage with an average camera and average multimedia support, this phone is really worth a buy. It’s not the best, but can fall in the value-for-money category.



Form Factor Bar
Number of Colours 262k


Internal Memory 60MB
Extendable Memory Yes

Camera Features

Sensor Resolution 2.0
Video Recording Yes

General Features

FM Radio Yes
WAP Enabled Yes
USB Connector Yes


WiFi Yes


Weight 100


Type Li-Ion
Capacity 1000
Talk Time with Standard Battery 720
Standby Time with Standard Battery 520

After Sales Service

Warranty Period 1


Warranty Period 1

Published Date: Feb 28, 2011 09:29 am | Updated Date: Feb 28, 2011 09:29 am