Razer Tron Gaming Mouse and Mat - Does it Disappoint as much as the Movie?

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Razer has tried to captivate the gamers amongst the TRON crowd, with the launch of their mouse and gaming mat coinciding with the launch of the new TRON movie. Razer’s new TRON gaming mouse and mat is almost definitely going to be a hit amongst TRON fans no matter how good or bad the mouse might be. However, we’re hoping that it actually turns out to be pretty good.

Design and features
The design, shape and colours used are as TRON-ish as it can get. There’s surely no lack of appeal and even non-TRON gamers will find it very attractive. The mouse has a tiny speaker that gives out a short TRON sound effect when your system powers on, or when you plug in the mouse. The mouse is bright and flashy - there are lights planted all over the mouse – one at the rear end of the mouse, one on the wheel and one of the top of the mouse. The party piece is the laser at the bottom of the mouse actually leaves behind a trail on the mousepad which is only visible in the dark.

Razer's TRON themed mouse

When you first hold the mouse, it becomes clear that the TRON mouse isn’t at the same scale as the performance mice from the likes of Razer, Logitech, etc. It’s lower and very easy to hold, but not really easy to grasp. This is a mouse for those who prefer the claw-grip way of holding the mouse. The popular Logitech MX518 and the recently popular Razer Imperator, DeathAdder and even the Lachesis are higher and thicker.

Most performance mice come with a very matte finish with an antibacterial treatment given to it. The TRON mouse is a hard plastic mouse with a glossy finish all over it except for the buttons on either side of the mouse. The two buttons on the right side let users switch the sensitivity of the sensor as they game. On a typical gaming mouse, you’d find these buttons on the top of the mouse close to the scroll wheel.

The mouse comes with a matching hard surface mat designed by Razer. The base of the mat has a rubberized texture to it which grips very well to the surface it’s kept on. The upper surface has a fine chequered pattern, which gives the mat both looks and hopefully, better tracking performance. The edges of the mousepad are banked to avoid any sharp edges where your wrist would normally lie. The surface feels a lot like the Razer Pro Pad.

Razer has made changes to the drivers as well. There’s a clear TRON theme going with the drivers as well. There’s no physical button to switch between mouse profiles though. You’ll have to use the driver interface for that.
As we know all too well, looks aren’t everything. Serious gamers need their ergonomics and more importantly, they demand performance. Being a Razer product though, it doesn’t disappoint.

Published Date: Jan 08, 2011 09:30 am | Updated Date: Jan 08, 2011 09:30 am