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With better phone cameras and increasing storage capacity, we don’t think twice before taking pics from our phone's camera. In fact most of the pictures shared on social networking sites are clicked from a smartphone. But when it comes to viewing these pictures in the gallery or even organising the hundreds of pictures, it isn’t really the smoothest experience, as most of the stock gallery viewers provide few options beyond plain viewing. What you need is a gallery viewer that will not only help you organise, but also one that is quick and efficient; and it can’t get better than QuickPic.    

Interface and Features
There are many who swear by this free gallery viewer app for Android and not without reason. In terms of UI, there is nothing extraordinary, as it sports a simple look and easy navigation. It’s quite a user friendly app. Upon installing the app, it will automatically browse the SD card for pictures and organise them in appropriate folders like camera, downloaded, received and others. When you enter QuickPic you will see all your folders neatly arranged and you can choose to display it in grid view, list, explorer or gallery with thumbnails. One of the USPs of this app is that it allows you to hide folders, which is a great option. To hide a folder, long press on it and you will see the option to hide it. Here you will also see the option to exclude the folder from QuickPic altogether. From here you can also delete or rename the folder and even start a slideshow of the pictures in that folder.

The several setting options allow you to customise

The several setting options allow you to customise


QuickPic lets you to browse thumbnail pictures vertically as opposed to horizontally with most stock galleries. But if you wish to scroll horizontally then you can opt for the same from Settings and then click on Browse, where you will find the option. From Browse you can also access several other options like scan SD card for pictures that lets you include or exclude folders to speed up the process, set the password for your hidden folders, hide system status bar, sort names, etc.

You can hide folders and set password as well

You can hide folders and set a password as well


When browsing, it will automatically display pictures in landscape or portrait mode, depending on the image. A single tap on the picture will open the menu. Here on the top of the screen if you click on the bar symbol on the extreme right, you will find various options like slideshow, details, rotate, edit, set as, move to, copy to, rename, show on map and settings. When you click on the edit option you can select which editor you wish to use. QuickPic’s native editor only allows you to crop, resize and rotate pictures. Here the advantage is that it provides you with the option to crop and resize pictures according to aspect ratio as well. Alternatively it will show you all the other picture editing apps that you have installed on your phone and you can choose from them. Similarly, when you click on the camera option, it will ask you which camera you wish to use, either the stock camera or any other camera apps that you may have installed on your phone. QuickPic also provides the option to share images online; however, at the moment it doesn’t provide the option to sync with Picasa or Facebook.      

The app is blazing fast and there is no lag whatsoever, be it displaying the thumbnails or even when browsing the images. It also provides a clear view of the pictures and offers thoughtful features like the option to set the background colour to either black or white and the option to sort pictures and folders. The ability to hide folders is an added bonus. Another handy feature is the option to launch the image or the browser, which you were last browsing when you restarted the app. QuickPic also manages videos, but the playback quality is average. At times your pictures won’t load and you will see the message ‘Load Failed’, but it doesn’t happen quite often and refreshing will reload the app and solve the problem.

You can share pictures online

You can share pictures online


Overall it’s a great app, if you are looking for something more than what your stock gallery has to offer and particularly if you have a lot of pictures on your phone. It makes organising your images a breeze and you will quickly come to rely on it. The fact that it’s free and devoid of ads further adds to its allure.


To download this app for Android click here.

Published Date: Dec 08,2012 04:56 pm | Updated Date: Dec 08, 2012 04:56 pm