Philips SHH2660 is Just Another Headset

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When you see new headsets, Bluetooth or wireless, you don’t really expect much. Even then, you want them doing basic things, like provide clear (or near-clear) voice functions and some good sound quality. While Philips came with a good pair of headphones in the form of the SHL 5002, the current SHH2660 doesn’t really live up to our standards.

Design and Form Factor
The earbuds have a small plastic ring slightly behind the opening. The wire is quite thin and although made of plastic, has a rubberized finish. While it does give a good grip, the rubber doesn’t have a nice texture. The cable has a length of 1 m, good enough to conveniently place your phone inside your pocket.

The wire below the left earbud follows with a microphone piece that also has a button to receive and cut calls. While the plug connects to HTC, iPhone, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Palm phones, Philips has an extra connector for Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson phones which has to be the attached to the plug.


Doesn't fit your head, really

Doesn't fit your head, really



The headset is quite comfortable to wear, even for prolonged hours. We connected the headset to a Samsung Monte and an iPhone to check whether performance differed.

The headset works okay with the iPhone. Sound clarity is good where the treble can be identified, bass doesn't exist and the mids are average. But nothing that can substitute a good pair of headphones for music. When it comes to voice clarity, outgoing voice could be heard clearly but the incoming voice sounded very faint. Even after changes made to the settings, there wasn’t any real difference that we could observe.

Coming to the Samsung Monte, the performance dropped quite a bit! First of all, the call/mute button did not work, it did not sound loud enough and voice clarity both ways were below average.


At the end of the day, the SHH2660 is not designed well and doesn’t perform well. It’s a very thoughtful gesture of making the headset compatible with other phones by adding an extra connector, but it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t work properly. It’s priced at Rs. 860, which could have been lower by excluding that connector for other phones.




Wearing Style Canal phones
Frequency Response 12 - 22 000 Hz
Sound Pressure 103 dB
Jack 3.5
Weight 42.2