Onkyo TX-SR307 AV receiver

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The heart of the Home theater system is the AV receiver. A device that has that taken the word “multitask” to unimaginable heights. Right from powering your speakers, to decoding and splitting signals, the AV receiver is very important in your HT system. And Onkyo is one major global player in this field, they have a good presence in India too. Today we have their mid level model called the TX-SR307, let’s see if this is a good ‘first AV receiver’ choice.

The product comes clad fully in a black chassis with a highly populated front and back panels, typical to the genre of the product. The front panel has a large volume knob on its right end, while the power button is located on the opposite, left side. In between, is a large alphanumeric LED screen, lights up in blue fonts. Below that, are 2 row of small black buttons for accessing various functions.

The reciver has a total of 4 HDMIs, all of the passthrough type, which means that digital multichannel audio canot be decoded through it, a separate audio connection needs to be run from source to this for surround sound. This is the common arrangement with lower priced AV receivers. All the cool brand new format, uncompressed audio decoding is only in higher end models, but of course we still have support for Dolby Digital and DTS, plus loads of DSP effects in built the receiver.

There is also the famous and very useful Audyssey feature set, which consists of 3 tools for acoustics, audio dynamic range and loudness correction. The Audyssey 2EQ is a great feature, tried and tested by us. The microphone needed for its use, is supplied.