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Alright here comes the Nokia X6, the phone that changes everything. The phone that gives Android a ‘Hard Goodbye’, iOS a 'Kiss of Wrath' and Blackberry a blow from behind. I just ran out of words there, and if you really thought the Nokia X6 was worth all that 'hype' sorry to disappoint you but it’s not. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering here in this phone, which I for a minute thought was the newer avatar of the Express Music 5800. Well I was wrong, but not entirely. I don’t even know why they (Nokia) put such a cool name to a phone that pretty much does the same things the 5800 does. Anyways back to the X6, here is a short account of my review of the handset for the worthy 4 days I had this handset. read on.

Form Factor
Right, as I mentioned earlier, there is no denying that as soon as you grab that handset you will find no difference or may accidentally pass it as an Express Music 5800. In a way, the X6 is the phone the 5800 XM should have been, according to some sources inside Nokia. Power up the X6 and you will find a sweet crisp 3.2 inches TFT touchscreen at 360 x 640 pixels with 16M colors.  It weighs 122 gms, a whole lot less than standard touch screen smartphones. The exteriors of the phone, has volume up and down buttons, below which is the lock/unlock slide and finally the camera button below that, all on the left of the handset. On the right it has a sim card slide-in, like we had for memory cards on earlier Nokia handsets. On the top of the handset they have a 3.5mm headphone port and a micro-USB input, a Nokia proprietary charging pin port and a couple of holes to loop a lanyard through at the base. Nokia is doing everything to make its handset look different and funky.

On the inside, the handset comes equipped with proximity sensor, accelerometer and a scratch resistant touchscreen glass. The most disappointing factor is that Nokia X6 comes with the same OS as a 5800 or the N97, the Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60. I mean seriously why name it X6 when it looks, performs and has more or less the same functions as the other two. Not that I have an issue with Symbian or I dislike it, I love Symbian, but hey, its long overdue refresh is just not coming soon. And looking at phones that run Android and iOS it does disappoint a great deal.

To sum it up, the only actual value of X6 is the 16GB memory that it comes with, but that too is at a cost, well you can’t upgrade the memory that's because it does not have a memory slot. The handset lacks the overall sophistication I expected from a Nokia handset. Its matte-finished black plastic feels a bit cheap, the sim slide-in concept is good, but has to be developed a bit more, the micro-USB  slot is good (at least we are moving towards standardization), but what is really stupid is that Nokia just didn't let go of its proprietary charging slot. Food for thought, why not make your micro-USB slot both charging and mass storage capable?

But all all hope is not lost for the X6, on the other side, read more on the performance and the superb camera it has.

Features & Performance
Whatever I might say about Symbian, that just falls flat when it comes to looking at Nokia handsets as a whole. Like the N series, the X6 is more like the jack of all trades, that comes packed with useful features. What never disappoints in a Nokia Handset is the Camera, Music and internet connectivity. So, I will discuss all these 3 in detail in a bit.

The X6 specs is pretty much similar to the cousins 5800 and N97. It runs an ARM 11 434 MHz processor, with 16 GB storage, 128 MB RAM. The handset comes in 2 editions 8GB and 16GB, the specs are same for both except for the Flash memory. Operation wise the handset feels just like the 5800, no difference at all, with same transitions, menu and options. I would not say it was faster than the 5800 but it did feel more comfortable while playing with the handset without any nags or quirks. Overall, Symbian is the same, nothing new that it offers, and pretty much the same user-friendly design.

Now, I don't want to repeat myself, but though the X6 does not come with that Xpress Music label, the music experience is pretty much like the 5800. All I have to say is Nokia as always does not disappoint in the areas where it has already proved its dominance. If you want to buy this phone, it will be solely for its music and camera. Now there isn't much difference in the music experience of the 5800 and the X6, but that is not totally disheartening. Familiarity is good. The media experience is clean and easy to use, with access to the equaliser and other settings just a few clicks away. This also gets enhanced with your in-box accessories like the ear phones with a remote. The phone comes with FM radio as well.
Internet & Connectivity
The Nokia browser has been updated with each new Symbian OS installment and the experience only gets better. There obviously are other browsers available, but the speed and options on this one is just without match. The browser comes with support for WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML and RSS feeds. A decent device for a wholesome internet experience is the Nokia X6. Though, not having a keypad does become a concern sometimes and especially when the on-screen keyboard does not have a QWERTY option, but an alpha-numeric. The X6 blazes through on WI-FI (802.11b/g) networks and on Vodafone EDGE networks its pretty fast as well. The handset supports GPRS, WAP, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA. No complaints what so ever, on that front, it does what its meant to do, but there is no value addition I felt.

Another impressive part of the handset is the GPS. The X6 comes with preloaded Ovi Maps 3.0 for India, which is free for life. The Maps are precise and the GPS lock-in period too is quite instant. Actually, I was recently in Bangalore and I almost got lost searching for a coffee shop and none other than OVI Maps saved the day for me.

Just like Nokia has delivered in the past, it does it again. The 5-megapixel camera of the X6 is a standout, in many ways also stresses that Nokia has long been known for as a leader in mobile photography with its partnership with Carl Zeiss optics, and will stay like that for a while. The X6 delivers high quality pictures, without any shutter lag or shows snaps instantly after firing. The colour balance in the snaps taken are good and quite vivid.

The Camera operation is well calibrated and almost instantly you can have the pictures shared via uploading or mailing. The editing options are quite elaborate and has a good amount of options if you like to play with your pictures after you've clicked them. Some really good apps too are available on the Ovi store which you can use to enhance the editing options.

Nokia's battery life was, is and will be it's greatest asset. As always the battery life does not disappoint at all. With a full charge, your usage ranging from listening to music watching videos, chatting on gtalk client or surfing the internet or OVI store, the battery gives an impressive 2 days and still some more left to chew upon. I would say this phone has a good shell level integration and probably a better power management strategy as compared to its cousins. A worthy feature, which truly impresses.

Final Verdict
Finally the tough question, will you buy this or should you just wonder in awe and move on. It's priced at Rs. 24,000 (MRP) though it is available for a much lower pricing depending on your location. I would say, if you have been an ardent Nokia fanboy and wanting to take an upgrade matching up to those touchscreen phones available in the market, the X6 fits your bill perfectly - 16GB internal memory, Music that rocks, a 5MP Camera, GPS and a sturdy battery life. So, if you are starting off and want to buy that first phone, the X6 is a worthy contender to those immensely complicated phones which are not Nokias. However, if you need a handset that stands up to those Apple and Android geeks, this handset is not the it. It has a lot to offer but it also lacks a bit in terms of pizzazz.



Form Factor Bar
Screen Resolution 360 x 640
Number of Colours 16M


Internal Memory 16 GB
Extendable Memory No

Camera Features

Sensor Resolution 5
Digital Zoom 4x
Video Recording Yes

General Features

FM Radio Yes
WAP Enabled Yes
Dual Sim Support No
Messaging MIDP 2.1
USB Connector Yes

Carrier Networks

3G Yes


WiFi No Information


Weight 122


Type Li-Ion
Capacity 1320
Talk Time with Standard Battery 360
Standby Time with Standard Battery 420

After Sales Service

Warranty Period 1


Warranty Period 1