Nitho Wireless Guitar Trio

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There can be nothing more exciting than calling home a few friends, getting a few pizzas, some beers and definitely a jam session! But the jam session part doesn’t really happen unless you’ve taken those all important guitar/drum lessons. Is that a good enough reason for you to not jam? Not really!

Thanks to games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there’s no need for you to feel left out. Also, companies like Nitho come to our rescue for the very fact that they’ve introduced something that they call the Wireless Guitar Trio. Sure it’s not a big name like Fender, but that’s not gonna stop us from giving it a try.


It’s black & white with colorful frets, might not sound too descriptive but a very attractive looking guitar for sure. The neck has two sets of frets, one set is placed high, and the other towards the base. The only reason there are two sets is so that both kids and adults find it easy to play on it. The base has a joystick, four-way navigation keys, a menu button, a connect button, a strum bar, a whammy bar and two buttons for start and select. There’s also a slot to place the Wii which lies next to the strum bar. The back of the guitar has a battery-slot which takes three AAA batteries to run the Guitar Trio. There’s also a strap that you can attach to the guitar and hang around your neck!