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There are many of us who need our daily dose of morning newspaper before we start our day. However, finding that peaceful time to leisurely go through every news article is not something that most of us can afford. And if you have ever tried reading newspapers while commuting, especially in local trains, then you know exactly how cumbersome it can get. What can come to your rescue is an app like NewsHunt, which includes over thirty popular news dailies. The app has been around for a while and is actually quite popular. 

You can select from several languages

You can select from several languages




The app sports a very simple interface and on the homepage you will find the list of all the newspapers and news sites supported by the app. This is segregated according to the languages, so clicking on English will give you the list of English newspapers. Apart from English, the regional languages it supports include Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada among others. The list of newspapers is quite extensive. For instance, amongst the English news dailies and sites, you will have access to sites like Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Mid Day, The Hindu, IBNLive, cricketnext and tech2 amongst others. But what’s missing are the newspapers and sites from the Times Group.   


When you select a newspaper, you will find several tabs, which are basically categories like latest news, national news, international, sports, Bollywood, lifestyle etc. These categories depend on the newspaper or the site that you have selected. A great feature is the ability to select from which categories you would like to view the news from. The same can be set from the "Add Category" option that you will see at the bottom right hand corner. Here you can select the categories and you also have the option to rearrange the order. For instance, if you are a sports buff, then you can set sports as the first tab, so each time you open the newspaper, the sports section will be the first you see. 

You can tweak the font size as well as the background colour

You can tweak the font size as well as the background colour



When you are reading a particular article, you have the option to change the background colour and even the font size. Additionally, you can easily share the news article via social networking sites and even via message and other messenger apps that you may be using. 


Additionally, NewHunt also features a job section wherein you can access the popular job sites Naukri and Monster. You can browse for jobs based on categories and if you come across a suitable opening, then you have the option to apply for the job or save it for future reference. If you click on apply, then you have the option to email your CV, apply using your mobile number or apply using your login credentials on the job site. However, the option to apply using phone numbers and emailing the CV is limited only to Naukri. For Monster, you will need to create your profile.    



The app works brilliantly without any glitches. It’s light on resources and even when using it over EDGE, the pages don’t take too much time to load. But at times pictures may not show up. However, all that’s a small price to pay if the content is what you are after. The content, when it comes to the news dailies as well as the news sites, is up-to-date and also provides breaking news. Accessing your most read newspapers or sites is also easy via the recent papers option on the homescreen.       

Apart from news you can also hunt for job

Apart from news, you can also hunt for job




Overall, it’s a great app that will bring you your daily dose of news. While almost all the leading newspapers have their individual apps, the advantage of NewsHunt is that you can access several of them together on one platform. It’s a free app, but supported by ads. However, ad placement is not annoying and won’t hinder your reading experience.


This free app is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Symbian platforms. 

Published Date: Mar 01,2013 11:36 am | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2013 11:36 am