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There are several occasions where a system needs to be reformatted and reinstalled. The reasons can be a virus infection or a system file corruption. In such cases, it's possible that you will end up with a missing hardware driver due to a misplaced or a damaged driver disk. One utility that can come to the rescue is My Drivers Professional. The utility is powerful enough and can help the user or the systems administrator to quickly backup the existing drivers from the older OS installation and reinstall them back after a complete format. In case the drivers are not available or the operating system is a different version from the existing one, the utility can also detect the type of hardware and point you to the manufacturer's website for a driver download. My Drivers Professional can identify most hardware devices and can report crucial information such as device model, device manufacturer, chip/chipset manufacturer, OEM name, OEM vender. It includes complete information of more than 58,000 device drivers and also manufacturer or vender information.

You can also find out the vendor of the particular hardware device

You can also find out the vendor of the particular hardware device



The user interface is pretty simple and very easy to understand. The first page gives you four options— Manage system device drivers, identify all devices, how to use the software and purchase online. Manage gives you a list of all external devices and internal devices used and configured by the operating system. Here you have options to print, backup, restore, remove and update the drivers of one or more devices respectively. The second option lists out all the devices and also an option to hunt for the drivers on the internet. The third and fourth options are pretty self explanatory.

The utility can perform these tasks in a jiffy—simply select the hardware device(s) you see in the list, right-click on it and in the context menu click on backup. You have three types of options to backup the drivers: backup to folder, backup to a .CAB file or to a .EXE file. Optionally, you can also remove or update the drivers from the same menu. The utility has a ‘Fast Collect’ and ‘Collect All’ option which collects drivers for external devices plugged in and all drivers including motherboard devices respectively. You can select all to be backed up as a choice. Restoring the driver can be done is a single click by clicking on the restore button and choosing the appropriate backup folder and file.

Select the device(s) and backup to .exe, .cab or to a folder.

Select the device(s) and backup to .exe, .cab or to a folder.


You also have an option to find the drivers of a device which is not identified by the operating system and also find the vendor of the same. Optionally, you can print the entire list of drivers for future reference of emailing the same to an online support help desk. The utility can also be used for completely removing the drivers from a PC. Once clicked to remove the device, the utility searches the entire hard drive and registry for traces of the respective hardware and removes the device and its driver completely. The paid version features an option to backup all drivers as a .exe package and reinstall all the drivers in one go while the trial version does one device at a time.

The trial version is available for testing for 15 days while the full version will cost you around Rs 2,340. The price seems steep for a regular home user as he would use it just once or twice a year, but for an administrator or a computer service firm, the price is great.


Verdict and Price in India

The utility is very easy to use and is a quick solution for backing up existing drivers directly from a running operating system. A very beneficial and a must-have utility for those who have lost or damaged their driver disk or CD. The software might seem a bit too expensive for a home user as he / she would not use it more than a few times a year.


System requirements

Operating system: Windows all

Disk space: 10MB.

Price: USD $39 (Approx Rs 2,340)
Contact: HunterSoft

Published Date: Aug 18, 2012 11:27 am | Updated Date: Aug 18, 2012 11:27 am