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MVL has brought to public its new G81, which is quite an interesting entry into the market. This dual sim Quadband (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz) phone packs quite a punch for its size, an has an interesting set of features, one of which is a Blackberry style trackpad.

Form Factor:

The phone is compact and has a QWERTY style keypad. The keypad is quite responsive, but causes issues if you have fat fingers like mine. The phone also features a features a camera button on the left side, which comes in extremely handy. 2 clicks on this button and you’re ready to take your pictures.
The G81 features USB connectivity on the lower right side of the phone. The cool thing is that with this particular phone, you have an option of hot swappable memory. An extremely useful feature.

Navigation on this phone is enabled by using a Blackberry style track pad, which can get a little over sensitive sometimes. However, this takes a little getting used to and doesn’t seem like much of an issue within a few days of owning this phone.

The phone also features a 2.4" Color Display, which is very effective, but can get somewhat grainy at times. As mentioned earlier, the keypad is tightly packed, and can become somewhat troublesome if you have larger fingers. However, it can’t be denied that this is a very effective and responsive keypad.

Features and Performance:


The operating environment on this phone runs smoothly and there’s no lag when it comes to navigating the menus, typing or accessing applications. The trackpad makes navigation quite smooth and adds a lot of value to the experience. Dual SIM management is standard, and as far as the physical build of the phone is concerned – it comes built for Dual Sim, with a specific button for each SIM.


Its very disappointing that this phone does not feature a headphone jack. So the only way you can listen to your music is by playing it out loud. Great! Apart from this the speakerphone quality isn’t bad, definitely gets the Loud factor going. However a disappointment nonetheless. 

The phone plays back only 3GP/MP4 files. This is good enough for normal video recording and playback. In terms of media functionality, the phone features a Image viewer, video recorder, audio player, an FM radio (which performs quite well,  and comes with scheduled recording),  sound recorder, and an image editor. Now, don’t get carried away, but the sole purpose of this editor is to simply crop images, or resize them to the screen size of the phone.

The great thing is that although you cant listen to your music privately, the 16 GB SD capacity definitely lets you blast out a long music session.


Now apart from the great Dual SIM functionality, the phone features, WAP / MMS / EDGE, alongwith Bluetooth (with A2DP). One feature here that is really being missed is WiFi Connectivty. A lot of phones in this price range are bringing in great WiFi connectivity. To see it not being a part of this phone is somewhat disheartening.

Other than this, the phone comes bundled with Opera, and Nimbuzz to take care of your connectiviy needs. Pity that the only medium of access is EDGE/WAP.

Misc. Features:

Apart from all of the above, the phone features a stopwatch, pedometer, a task list, world clock, currency converter, and the works. It also kee

ps track of your mobile and comes pre-built with Mobile Tracker.

In order to make sure that their users get to check their mail, the phone also features MVL Connect for push mail. This is extremely simple to setup and works quite well.


The camera is surprisingly good. The phone features

a 3.2 megapixel camera, and the picture quality isn’t too bad. It comes preloaded with basic effects like Sepia, Grayscale, etc. and images taken can be resized using the image editor, to fit well across the phone screen.


Now the battery (050mAh) life is supposed to last about 4.5 hours, and lasts just about as much.  One should get about half a days usage on the same.


Now, priced at Rs 5,500 (street price), the phone is quite a good candidate if what you need to do is check your mail, and SMS’s all in one, not forgetting the QWERTY keypad.  

However, the lack of WiFi, and the lack of headphone connectivity, serves as a major downside for this phone, since there are handsets that feature these at just about the same price point. However if a basic QWERTY phone with email is what you’re looking for, MVL gives you what you need.

Published Date: Sep 18, 2010 10:51 am | Updated Date: Sep 18, 2010 10:51 am