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During the Indian Premier League this year, Mitashi had launched a wide range of LCD-backlit televisions that consume lesser power, compared to LED Backlit TVs. These televisions by Mitashi are designed for those looking to upgrade from a CRT TV to an LCD television. The MIC032 V07 LCD is one such television launched by Mitashi that houses a range of features targetted at those users, who're on a strict budget. Read on to see if this TV can make its mark in the over populated 32-inch LCD TV market.

The bezel is a bit large

The bezel is a bit large


Design and Build Quality
The Mitashi MIC032 V07 is not the best looking television in the market. It has an all black glossy finish giving it a simple and minimalistic look. The bezel is a bit large and has the company’s branding at the bottom of the display. To the right of the screen are the controls for adjusting the channels, volume, menu, source and standby.

The downward facing rear connectors

The downward facing rear connectors


The connectivity options are all located at the rear of the TV. These I/O connections include two HDMI ports, a USB port, component, composite ports, a VGA port and a coaxial port. The location of the USB port being at the back put us off a bit as one would have to keep reaching behind to use its plug and play properties. A side placement of the port would have been a lot better. The TV, on the whole is well-built and very sturdy as is the simple remote control. The buttons are made well and we had no issues with its build quality. Summing up our views on the design and build quality, we concluded that although the TV is not a conventional good looking one, it is built really well.

The main feature of this LCD TV is its cost and native resolution of 1080p. Having a full HD resolution, propels this TV to be at par with more expensive TVs. For a budget-friendly TV, the Mitashi MIC032 V07 LCD TV comes with connections that are usually found on more expensive televisions. Mitashi claims that this television has a dynamic contrast ratio of 360,000:1. The use of a high contrast ratio helps in adding to the realism of the image displayed on the screen and help in reproducing darker images better. We will see how true this is in the performance bit. Another interesting feature of this TV is that it has a USB plug and play option, where one can simply connect a USB drive to the port on the rear and the television will playback content.

The interface is easy to use

The interface is easy to use


The interface of this television is pretty good and it is easy to navigate around. When a USB drive is connected, we get the options in a ‘list’ format to the left and a preview pane to the right. This TV supports FAT32 drives easily and it can recognize it relatively quickly. However, we tried a number of NTFS drives and those did not show up on the screen. Though the feature list of this TV is not very extensive as those seen with some other brands, this TV delivers on all terms it claims. The ability to attach a USB drive to it makes it a nice option to have apart from watching cable or dish TV.

The Mitashi MIC032 V07 was tested by connecting it to a notebook using the HDMI cable. We ran the DisplayMate test to gauge the performance of this TV. In the test we noticed that the greys rendered accurately and no tinge of green was visible, as was the case with some LCD TVs. The black levels of this television are really good, with most of the scales being noticed. The basic colours reproduced accurately. We didn't find any issues whatsoever with the glare and the backlighting. In the colour intensity scales test for the important colours, we noticed that there was no bleeding across colours.

Multimedia screen

Multimedia screen


While playing the ‘The Last Samurai’ in-house test Blu-ray, we noticed that the playback was really good. All colours appeared natural and there was hardly any visible image noise. The volume of the speakers, however, was quite faint and for the audio to be clear, the volume had to be raised to around 40 percent. We also connected a FAT32 drive to test videos, as well as audio. We noticed that the standard definition .AVI videos played well without any issues. When we were scrolling through some of the .JPEG images on the flash drive we saw some anomalies appearing on the screen between pictures. For its part the remote control is pretty responsive. The performance of this television is really good and apart from those slight hiccups while changing pictures, there were no other issues noticed.

Simple looking but a good performer

Simple looking, but a good performer


The Mitashi MIC032 V07 is priced in India at Rs. 24,990. It isn’t among the classiest looking televisions around, but is a performance-oriented LCD TV. This TV, on the whole is easy to use and one can easily find their way through its operations. If you are looking for a 32-inch LCD television with USB capabilities, full HD 1080p features, and have a budget of Rs. 25,000, this would be a good choice to upgrade from a CRT.



Screen Size 32
Type of Television LCD
Panel Type (S-IPS / IPS / MVA / TN) No Information

Picture Features

Resolution 1366 x 768
Response Time No Information
Contrast Ratio 360,000:1
Refresh Rate No Information
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Number of Selectable Picture Modes No Information
Picture In Picture No Information

Audio Features

Selectable Sound Modes No Information
Audio Output (PMPO) No Information
Stereo Playback No Information


S-Video Input No Information
DVI Input No Information
HDMI Input Yes
USB Port Yes
VGA Input No Information


Approximate Net Weight No Information

After Sales Service

Warranty Period 1


Warranty Period 1

Published Date: Sep 30, 2011 06:04 pm | Updated Date: Sep 30, 2011 06:04 pm