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Going by the usual norm, when a device has been especially crafted for women, design elements and aesthetics are given much importance. The boring colours are washed off, to make way for brighter, vivid hues, and the device is portrayed to exhibit how simple and handy it could be for a lady. In the recent times of the tablet-era, we came across the home-brewed Milagrow tablet dubbed the TabTop, posing as a tablet built for women. As the Milagrow Tabtop (MGPT02) for women reaches our labs, read on to know if its the usual pink-clad girlie device or has umpteen reasons for a tech-imbued lass to include as her armour.

Targeted at women

Target'ted at women


Design and Build Quality
To begin with, we received the pretty pink coloured tablet. Other options would have been blue, grey and black. Personally, I wouldn't like a baby pink tablet. Probably, a red or light blue coloured one would make it to my bag. Here the opinions may differ, as some folks at our end, wouldn't mind clutching the pink tab. The 7-inch Milagrow TabTop comes bundled with USB cable, USB adaptor, main charger and a tablet case that Milagrow claims to be worth Rs. 3,000. The front side shows around 1 cm bezel surrounding the 7-inch  800 x 600 resistive touchscreen. The edges and bezel are covered in slightly rough, matte texture, while the curvy rear side is dipped in glossy creamy pink shade.




On video: Milagrow TabTop




The front side of the tablet has a VGA camera taking the center position, while the Menu button, Back key, Volume controls and power/screen sleep switch run along upper edge.  The 2 MP camera and speaker are cut out on the back while the right edge has control functions like rest pin hole, 2 mini-USB ports (one host USB), power jack and microSD card slot.  The build quality appears to be sturdy, although one can’t escape noticing the plastic back flap (not removable). The included earphones are quite mediocre and don’t have the soft eartips. The company has included a stylus to navigate using the resistive screen. Disappointingly, you will need to carry the black mini pen (with orange tip) shaped stylus separately as the company doesn't provide any space within the device to carry the stylus. The clumsy ones, may fret losing it.

Glossy backside

Glossy back


The TabTop runs on a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor with 512MB RAM. On switching it on, the device took about two minutes to start up. Moreover, the resistive touchscreen doesn't make navigating a smooth affair. Milagrow has added what it calls the ‘special UI for women.’ The home screen has a picture of a pink room, probably designed by Barbie’s interior decorator. The room shows a bedside lamp, remote, photo frame and so on. One can navigate across the device by clicking on the objects in the room. For instance, click on the remote to view the videos, on the lamp to change the brightness of the screen, and so on.

Special UI for women

Special UI for women



This fancy looking tablet runs on Android 2.3.2. The room has a shelf with the Android Logo, the logo will take you the usual Android 2.3 home screens. You will also find an applications icon, which will take you to all the applications (numerous apps come built-in with the device).

The homescreen shows a row of touch buttons above its notification pull down bar, which include volume control. menu and back. It’s nice to see that Milagrow has included these as physical buttons on the upper edge, too. We aren't too fond of touch volume control and physical volume controls are always welcome. The touchscreen lagged in response and the interface seemed sluggish.

We ran the AnTuTu benchmark test, which threw up a score of 2,448 points, which is higher than the score by the latest Swingtel tablet, which is priced at Rs.16,990. We also ran the Linpack tests, which showed a score of 14.27 MFLOPS  for single thread and 12.70 MFLOPS for multi-thread. The AnTuTu and Linpack scores reveal that the tablet is faster than the latest Swingtel Hello Tab sold for around Rs. 16,000.

Single view of apps

Single view of apps


The Milagrow TabTop comes with 8GB built-in memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB using the MicroSD card slot. We loaded the device with video and audio files to check its media playback capabilities. The video playback seemed decent, the device handled 720p and 1080p videos pretty well. It managed to play FLV, MOV and WMV files quite well, while it supports AVI, RM, RMVB,3GP video files, too. However, the device failed to play 1080p AVI content, but it did manage to play MP4 formats with the same resolution. The video interface is simple and straightforward, and you can directly move to any part of the movie or video using the handy playing bar.

Slick video interface

Slick video interface


On the music front, it supports mp3, wma, ape, flac, aac and ogg file formats. The music interface is simple with album art, essential artist, album and song details. While the earphones didn't appear comfortable to wear, private listening was better than the built-in loudspeaker. The loudspeaker isn't loud enough to even fill a small room. The speakers are placed on the backside, so if you listen to music placing the device on a couch, the sound output is further restricted. However, here the bundled tablet case comes to the rescue as the case also doubles as a stand that can hold the tablet to appear as a photo frame. The multimedia attributes like video and music seem nice, but we’d recommend you to skip those earphones for another pair.


The Milagrow tablet was quick to connect to Wi-Fi and the host USB also lets one connect a 3G dongle. What goes amiss is the call functionality. Milagrow has pre-loaded several apps onto the device, and for your other favourites, it completely supports the Android Market.  Along with the missing SIM functionality, the Tabtop does not support GPS, too. The web browsing experience is fairly good, web pages appear decent on the screen. The device is pre-loaded with popular gaming app, Angry Birds, productivity apps, like Documents To Go, utlity apps, like ES Task Manager, Explorer, Dictionary, and Calendar. Some other apps, include Dolphin Browser, recipies, medical apps and more.


connect flash drive

connect flash drive


The front side of the tablet shows a 0.3MP VGA camera, while the rear side has been embedded with a 2 megapixel camera. The 2 MP primary camera is mediocre and reproduces grainy images. The lack of auto focus and flash is evident while taking pictures. Video recording isn’t too great, and there’s a lot of framing in the final video and it doesn’t work too well with low light - there’s a lot of noise in the  video.


Main Menu

Main Menu


The Milagrow tablet has a 3000mAh battery. We ran a low resolution movie in a loop in our battery test and the device’s life stretched up to 6 hours.

To begin with, sporting a price tag of Rs.13,990, we didn't expect the Milagrow tablet to equip a resistive screen, let alone a start time of about 2 minutes. We feel the device is overpriced. Although targetted at women, the Hello Kitty themed special UI didn't come across as appealing. Nevertheless, Milagrow has thrown in several apps and the device offers good video support. We liked that Milagrow has completely customized the tablet and it could attract a novice user. However, we would suggest you look for other options in the market, before picking this one.

Published Date: Feb 16, 2012 12:39 pm | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2012 12:39 pm