MEElectronics M6 and M9 Earphones - Worth Your Money?

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MEElectronics might not be the name you find in every gadget store and that’s where we come in. To shed light on such companies who offer alternatives to ease your pocket and at the same time, perform well. We check out both the M6 & M9 earphones.

The M6 has a very attractive and intuitive design. The earphones are shaped like a lower case ‘S’. The ear-buds go right inside your ears (and when removed, are not good to look at if your ears have a lot of wax. Eww!) The hoop over the ear-buds can be used like a clip to hold your earphones in place.

M6: looks good and plays well

All this for the M6, while the M9 is quite the normal set of earphones (they still posses the extraordinary ear-buds!). It’s got a decent look also. Both the earphones have a nice metallic gray color which gives the earphones a fresh look.

M9: looks okay but has to play harder

Comfort-wise, the M9 scores over the M6. While prolonged usage of the M6 can leave you with itchy ears, the M9 can be worn for quite a lot of time without a problem.

Now comes the sound. When I initially tested the M9, I had to take it out instantly because the sound was blaring through my ears. This wasn’t so with the M6, as it played music in a very subtle manner. Later on, I again came back to the M9 and this time (fact: playing your new pair of earphones for some time can cause a slight enhancement in performance, this is also called “burn-in”) it gave a better performance.

The M6 provides you with some good sound quality. It handles the bass really well, and for that matter will also provide you with the thump of bass-heavy music. For that matter, it can also handle higher notes quite well and overall will make you tango to the music.

The M9, although performed better on the second time, did not put a smile on my face. It does not handle high volume very well and can be a turn-off after some time, but at mid volume it plays well and like the M6 can also handle bass nicely. Overall on the performance index, the M6 does a lot better than the M9.


While the M9 is available for Rs. 1,250, in reality it cannot be called “value-for-money”, simply because it needs to deliver a little more when it comes to quality of sound. The M6 on the other hand though priced at Rs. 1,950, is worth its money. It delivers quite well, and will leave you satisfied. While I recommend the M6, I would suggest you to wait till they upgrade the M9.

On the ratings, the M6 gets a 3.5 while the M9 gets a 2.5

Sooner or later, we might be able to do a review of their mobile phone-based earphones, so stay tuned for that.



Wearing Style Canal phones
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Sound Pressure 95dB
Jack 3.5
Weight No Information


Carry Case Yes
Warranty 1