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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and we depend on it for numerous things. Losing the smartphone or even the data is probably one of the biggest nightmares that we face today. With smartphones gaining more computing power, our usage of the device has also risen exponentially. From contacts, notes, photos, videos, banking, surfing the web and social networking to even online shopping, the device has a lot of personal sensitive data that is crucial to us. And if it were to fall in wrong hands, we'd have a big price to pay. Thankfully, we have apps that will back up the phone data as well as provide security. And if you are looking for such an app, then McAfee’s WaveSecure is a good option to explore.

WaveSecure is pretty simple and straight forward to use. The UI is easy to navigate and simple, which is fine considering you don’t need to access this app frequently. And it functions silently in the background.

You can backup as well as restore data

You can back up as well as restore data


Installing it involves few easy steps, wherein you will have to provide your phone number, which will be verified. You will also add in a ‘buddy number’ that is essentially contact numbers of people whom you want to notify in case your phone gets stolen and someone tries to insert a new SIM card. This is a very handy feature, as when a new SIM is inserted in your device, it will automatically send an SMS alert to those on your buddy list. This way you will get the contact of the person who has your phone. Additionally, when a new SIM is inserted, it will also lock your device that will prevent access to your phone data. You can set a customised message that will be displayed when the device has been locked. You can modify the buddy list anytime.

The buddy feature is very handy

The buddy feature is very handy


It will also back up important data like your contacts, SMS, call logs, calendar entries and even photos and videos. You can set up auto back up too. You can access this backed up data by logging on to the WaveSecure site. From here, you can restore the data to your phone, in case you have lost your data. You can select the data you want to restore. If you want, you also have the option to export your data into Excel. This way you can have an additional backup file of your data.

In terms of security, a very valuable feature that MacAfee WaveSecure offers is the ability to remotely control your phone. In case you lose your phone, then as a precautionary measure, you can log into your account online and completely wipe out the data on your phone and also lock your device. If you choose the option to wipe the data on your phone, then it will delete all sensitive data like contacts, messages, photos and videos.  Additionally, with WaveSecure you can also track the current location of your phone on the map, which is a handy feature to have.


McAfee WaveSecure wouldn’t disappoint you if you are looking for an app that will back up your data and provide you with some good security options. Taking backup and even restoring data can be done via phone as well as by logging on to the site. The time taken will depend on the amount of data and there may be some duplication of data, if some part of the data already exists on the device. In case you purchase a new phone, then as long as it is supported by McAfee, you can restore all your data to your new device by downloading the app on it and providing the login details of your account.

It provides some good security features

It provides some good security features


McAfee’s WaveSecure is a nifty little app that will ensure that your data remains safe. It’s packed with features that will ensure that you have complete control over your data and device. While there are many apps available for taking data back up/restore or tracking your phone, a very few of them are capable of both. You can try the free seven day trial version before purchasing the app.


Priced at Rs. 1,098.22, the app is available for Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Symbian platform.

Published Date: Dec 28,2012 09:35 am | Updated Date: Dec 28, 2012 09:35 am