MapmyIndia Navigator Zx 150 - No Wrong Turns Anymore

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If you’re a traveler, especially in India, driving/riding to those far-off serene locations could get a bit troublesome. People speaking various languages, a complete lack of road-signs and to top it all off, the roads themselves - they seem to be imports from the surface of the moon. All these factors are good enough to put you off the road, so the need for a GPS Navigation device was massive. The MapMyIndia Zx150 is here to fill that gap, and we're here to tell you how it works.


Sleek for a car accessory.

Sleek for a car accessory.


The Zx 150 is a 5-inch touchscreen device with a strong plastic finish. The device feels sleek (compared to other car accessories) with dimensions of 134 x 88 x 17 mm and at 223 grams, is not too heavy to carry either. The power switch is at the top-right corner of the device and the top-left has a slot for the stylus. There are four ports on the right of the device - AV in, headphone out, an SD card slot and a mini-USB port. The device is designed pretty well considering the fact that it has to rest on your windshield using the windshield mount.

User Interface and Features

The User Interface is no touch-based Android or iOS system. It is a rather humble Windows CE 6.0 Operating System, which does the basic job of providing you with a functional interface. It will take some time getting used to the Zx 150 and figuring out what button does what, but after that it becomes quite simple. Browsing is quick and easy, but the touchscreen is of the resistive type, which might take an effort to guide through at times.

Zx 150 in action!

Zx 150 in action!


The Zx150 has basic GPS navigation (duh), but it doesn't stop there. The device has voice guidance so you don’t miss those all-important turns. It calculates the distance from your current position to the destination (this is displayed in a small window on the top-left corner) and also calculates your ETA. In case you miss a particular turn, the suggested route feature will reroute you to your destination. Searching for different places by name is quite easy - the search conditions range from state, city and district to road number and even building names. There is also an option for listing different places of interest on the way to your destination. The device allows you to save your trips, so you don’t have to set up co-ordinates every time you go to a location. You can view your recent destinations and even mark certain places as your favorites.

Bluetooth Pairing!

Bluetooth Pairing!


There is more to the Zx150 than just navigation, though. You can play videos and music stored on the in-built 2 GB flash memory (expandable to 8 GB with a SD card). The headphone-out slot serves to connect the device to the car's speakers through an AUX cable. You can pair your phone with the device through Bluetooth, and make or receive calls through the interface of the Zx 150. The AV-in port can be used to connect it to the reverse camera, so you don’t have to strain your back while going backwards. The device also features an e-book reader and you can browse through pictures on it.


Using the Zx 150 is not rocket science, and as I said before, it just takes some time getting used to. When starting the device, you need to first get a GPS fix (know your position) then enter the destination and start your journey. It’s that simple. As you approach your destination, a voice will remind you well in advance that you’re nearing your destination. The voice feature impressed me quite a bit, as the turns were timed well but the volume could have been a little louder. The navigation works just fine as you see yourself traversing gingerly towards your destination.




One issue with the device is that when you’re getting your GPS fix, you have to be in open areas and wait a while for the Zx 150 to lock on to your location. And while the product boasts of maps for 902 cities and for even more towns, villages and other destinations, I would still like it to cover the whole country.

The Zx 150 is not for the average traveler. If you’re just going take the car out for a little spin once every six months, you don’t really “need” this because it comes with a heavy price tag of Rs. 19,490. But if you travel everyday to new destinations (especially out of Mumbai, where traversing can be a pain), then chances are that the Zx 150 will save the day for you. However, I would suggest you wait for the map database to grow, and for the device to evolve, which it certainly will.



Display Type TFT Touch screen
Display Size 5-inches
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Operating System Windows CE 6.0
Chipset SiRF Atlas IV
Speed 500MHz
Antenna SiRF III
Inbuilt Memory 2GB Flash/128MB RAM
Bluetooth Yes
Support for connection to car audio system Yes


Memory Card Support SD Card up to 8 GB
Stylus Yes
Battery 1600mAH
Weight 142gms

Published Date: Dec 06, 2010 07:30 am | Updated Date: Dec 06, 2010 07:30 am