Logitech Z305 Laptop Speaker - Compact but Not Competent

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Laptops and netbook owners are sometimes forced to suffer with the poor to average sound quality that comes with their little devices. However, with the inclusion of laptop and capsule speakers, users now have a choice of some good music as well. Logitech is one such company that a long time back, came with some really good laptop speakers in the form of the AudioHub speakers. The Z305 is their latest inclusion and we give it a try to see whether it meets our expectations.

Just hangs there, could have played some music as well

Just hangs there, could have played some music as well


Design and Build Quality
The speaker has a cylindrical design and at a length of 12 inches, will easily fit a laptop or a netbook. There is a driver at either end and a clip in the middle to grasp the laptop/netbook. A volume rocker and the power button is housed in the middle and there’s a groove below the speaker which is meant to house the USB cable. The speaker also has a 3.5 mm audio jack which lets you connect to other portable media players or speakers.

The Z305 is not the most stylish thing that we’ve seen around and in terms of build quality, the plastic doesn’t feel solid. We felt that the clip could have grasped the laptop better than it does, however it’s not a major issue.

We connected the Z305 to the Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 and tried music of various genres on this speaker. We noticed that the volume of the speaker was really strange. In our first instance, the speaker sounded quite soft but after restarting it, the volume went down! We switched it off and turned it on again and lo and behold, the speaker’s volume went back to normal! It’s quite likely that this might be a problem with the piece that came in for review.

Sleek design but average build quality

Sleek design but average build quality


From a general perspective, we felt that the speaker sounded really faint and that too, in a quiet environment. It goes to say without a doubt that the Z305 might not even be noticeable in noisy surroundings. The bass was noticeable but there wasn’t any thump to it whatsoever. The trebles and mids sounded alright, but they distorted at higher volumes.

Summing it up, the Z305 definitely offers a lot of portability with it’s small size and light weight. However, at a price of Rs. 3,695, the speaker doesn’t have much to offer. There are capsule speakers which are a lot more portable and small, plus they sound a lot better as well. You can check out the Razer Ferox which are priced at Rs. 3,900 or even the F & D V620 Portable speakers which are dirt cheap at Rs. 885.



Configuration 1.0
Frequency Response 70Hz-20kHz
Power Rating (RMS) 4W
Aux Jack 3.5mm

Speaker Dimensions

Satellites 324 x 41.8 x 324 mm


Warranty 2 Years

Published Date: Apr 26, 2011 09:44 am | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2011 09:44 am