Logitech Wireless Headset H800 Review

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Logitech have been better known for input peripherals for their home entertainment solutions. They’ve got everything from audio solutions, speakers to all-in-one remote controls under the roof. While most of their products are for desktop and notebook users, here’s a product that could suit everyone from gamers to mobile phone and tablet users. Their new H800 Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth-enabled headset with a built-in microphone. While most Bluetooth enabled earpieces only fit one ear and are ideal for voice calls, this could be used for casual music listening, gaming and voice calls.


Design and build quality

In terms of design, the Logitech H800 is a headset with basic looks- it’s got the usual adjustable headband, foam pads with no felt or cloth covers, a protruding microphone arm and it’s got controls on one side. In terms of build quality, it’s not too impressive. The headset is understandably designed to be light, but sudden jolt or twist could break the headband easily. There’s provision to fold the headphones, so it’s a little easy to carry around.

Easily foldable

Easily foldable



The pads covering the ears have some motion, fitting all ears just fine. The microphone arm extends and is also flexible, so you can adjust it to keep the microphone at the right distance from your mouth. The control buttons on one side of the headset feel clunky and don’t feel like they’re of good quality, same is the case with the covers of the compartments that house each driver. While the right side has the controls for playback and accepting calls, the left side is used to store a wireless dongle - something that’s used, if you’re using a notebook or PC, for example.



The H800 wireless headset comes with inbuilt batteries and it can be charged using a simple microUSB connector, like any other phone. The batteries cannot be removed or replaced. The controls on the H800, include a basic volume control, the upper button on the left side of the headphone can be used to increase the volume, while the lower one can be used to drop it. There are printed markings as well as small dots that make it easy to figure out the controls when you're wearing it. There’s also a play/pause button and a microphone mute button. The controls for next and previous track and placed underneath the earphone, right next to the microUSB charging port and a mode selection switch.

Adjustable microphone arm

Adjustable microphone arm



The mode selection switch is handy - users can switch the headset on, or switch it to Bluetooth mode for tablets and phones or the dongle mode, which is used when you connect the headset to a notebook or PC using the bundled USB dongle.

Setting up the headset with a mobile device is easy and even more with the notebook or PC.

Simple, compact USB dongle for PCs

Simple, compact USB dongle for PCs



Windows automatically detects the device as a sound card and all audio is directed to it, as soon as you plug in the USB dongle. All volume control and audio playback changs directly affect Windows, so you’re actually adjusting the Windows volume control, not the headset volume. There’s also a notification beep when you reach extreme ends of the volume control.



The H800 is somewhat lose, but fits most heads fine. Doing intensive workouts with the headset on isn’t recommended, but a brisk walk should be fine. Audio quality isn’t too impressive and the drivers distort audio, even at low volumes and it only gets worse as the volume increases. There’s hardly any bass and the mids and highs are average, at best. The tone is fairly natural, but these really aren’t very good for gaming, music or movies.

Compact in size, could've been sturdier

Compact in size, could've been sturdier



Microphone quality is average and is decent enough for voice calls, and while gaming. In terms of wireless performance, pairing and switching between modes takes no more than 3 seconds. The wireless performance is pretty decent. In a large room with some obstacles such as wooden and metal partitions, there’s no issues. You can easily be 15ft from the USB wireless dongle and be able to stream audio easily. Go behind a concrete wall and you’ll immediately notice massive amounts of stuttering.



Logitech H800 - a multipurpose device

Logitech H800 - a multipurpose device


The Logitech H800 sells for a price of Rs.6,595 in India, which makes it very expensive. In terms of utility, it is handy and unique in some ways. As for performance, it’s quite disappointing and there’s little to keep you hooked. The high price makes it hard to recommend and justify the price.



Wearing Style On Ear
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Sound Pressure 105dB
Weight 363 grams


Warranty 2 Years

Published Date: Feb 23, 2012 01:39 pm | Updated Date: Feb 23, 2012 01:39 pm