Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Review

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The Ultrathin Keyboard cover is Logitech’s second attempt at an iPad keyboard/case accessory. Its initial offering was in the form of the ZAGG iPad Keyboard Case that might not have been the most affordable accessory for the iPad, as it is an expensive device, but it did offer quite a bit of protection and functionality. The Ultrathin attempts to do the same, but with more style. Here’s a closer look. 


Form Factor

Taking its cue from the iPad’s existing SmartCover, the Ultrathin Keyboard also features a magnetic clip-to-the-side style. This makes it much easier to carry around and keep the iPad’s display well protected. The Keyboard on its own weighs in at about 322g, making the whole package about 952g with the iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G. It’s not too heavy and weighs the same as some Ultrabooks. With the keyboard clipped on and shut, the package comes up to about 15mm in depth, which is still pretty slim. Like the iPad SmartCover, this keyboard case will also shut off the display automatically if you shut the lid. 

Well spaced keys for easy typing and plenty of shortcuts for speedy usage

Well-spaced keys for easy typing and plenty of shortcuts for speedy usage



The iPad nestles easily into the little slot provided for it and stays firm in both portrait and landscape modes. Like the ZAGG keypad, the chiclet keys on this membrane keyboard are neatly spaced and make for easy typing. On the right hand side of the keyboard, towards the back end, is a Bluetooth sync button, a power switch and a Micro USB port to charge the case. Unfortunately, Logitech has bundled a rather short cable with the Ultrathin, which can make charging quite difficult at times. Perhaps, Logitech could also have used rubberised edges for the keyboard, so that the entire kit, including the iPad, would stay firmly placed on a smooth surface. A small LED at the top of the keypad is used to indicate connectivity and charge.



The keypad, being as small as it is, will take a little getting used to. But after about 10 minutes of use, you’ll find your way around. The best part about the keypad is the number/shortcut or function keys that include options for returning to the desktop in a single click, language selection, pulling up the onscreen keyboard, selection of text, cutting, copying and pasting, and even control for the music player and volume. There’s even an option to shut down the screen and lock the device with a simple unlock feature using the function keys, without touching the screen. 

Great viewing angle

Great viewing angle



The membrane keypad is quite comfortable to use at long stretches, making it a versatile accessory for your iPad. The angle of display is just about right for typing and viewing. It’s also a great prop stand for those times.

Comes together for comfy portability

Comes together for comfy portability



The Bottom Line

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad is available in both white and black to suit your model. The company claims that the battery pack of the case has enough juice to run for 6 months on a single charge provided you’re using it for about 2 hours a day on an average. That’s quite remarkable. It seems like this accessory can do no wrong… but, here’s the catch. It’ll cost you Rs. 6,599. That’s where it starts to hurt. The Ultrathin Keyboard is a great device that’s designed with simple and easy usage in mind, with a great battery life and comfortable fit for your device, but at the end, the price could make it or break it. If you’re a dedicated iPad user who shys away from notebooks, then without a doubt, this is a must have accessory. 

Published Date: Nov 06, 2012 06:19 pm | Updated Date: Nov 06, 2012 06:19 pm