Letscom Portable Speakers HL4001-A - Decent Performance At A Price

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Portable speakers have their pros and cons. While you can’t expect them to give you high defined, bass heavy sound, they're a superb alternative to the average joe music quality you get from your laptop speakers. Also, it means that you don’t have to stick two earphones (and act deaf, or at least pretend to) and damage your sensitive ears. We listen to the Letscom Speakers and see what they have to say.

At first glance the speaker looks like a slightly pressed tomato, but it has a good design and being light in weight, it's quite easy to carry around. There’s an on-off switch at the top and a mini-USB port on the left of the speaker. The diaphragm has a good quality rubber lining and the diaphragm itself is made of good quality plastic. The plastic used for the speaker also has a very nice feel and overall it’s got a good build.

A tomato with a button

Impressive looks apart, we come to where it has to score. Listening to heavy bass music is quite a pleasure and sounds really nice but that’s only till you don’t turn the volume too high. That’s because this speaker starts to distort at high volumes and you immediately want to turn down the sound. While it cannot touch all levels of tones, it certainly does a good job with 2W power in the way it handles extreme level tones. If you love genres like metal and rock, you won’t be too impressed as the music sounds distorted. On the other hand, if soft music or even hip-hop for that matter is what you like, then this will make you swing to the beats!

Plays with different media

You can charge the speaker through the USB interface and listen to music through the 3.5 mm audio jack. One thing I really want is being able to charge and play music with the USB interface itself, but that’s not possible with this speaker. It’s compatible with the usual series of mp3 players, laptops and mobile phones.

As a portable speaker, it has to handle both bass and treble on its own and that for one is quite a difficult task for a single speaker. Although it performs well, it cannot be called the best in its class. It costs Rs. 1000, which seems to be a bit hefty because there are speakers out in the market that perform better and cost less in comparison to this. You should check out the F&D V620 Portable Speakers and see for yourself.

Published Date: Nov 15, 2010 03:12 pm | Updated Date: Nov 15, 2010 03:12 pm