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Many of us like to listen to music and watch movies on the go on our media players and phones, so obviously, earphones are the best way to enjoy them. There are different kinds of earphones available in the market. Headphones are the least likely purchases, primarily because they are bulky and are difficult to wear and walk about. In-ear or canal earphones are the most popular ones. Clip-on earphones are in comparison more comfortable and to target this segment, Koss sells the KSC75 clip-on earphones.


Design and Features

The KSC75 uses two neodymium drivers that Koss claims has a frequency response range between 15 and 25,000 Hz. The earphones have an impedance of 60 Ohms which is high, for basic earphones. The earphones clip on to your ears using plastic clips that are designed to be like those found on spectacles. The clips are supported by metal frames embeded in the plastic clip. The clips can't be adjusted. Overall, the KSC75 are easy to clip on to your ears and they stay secured once fit. The quality of the clips is good, they’re smooth so they don’t irritate your ears.

Simple, clip-on design earphones

Simple, clip-on design earphones



The comfort levels are pretty good, as well. It doesn't feel tiring after extended periods of wearing them. Unlike headphones, which are heavy and bulky to wear, the KSC75 are great if you travel a lot. 


The cables on the the KSC75 extend up to 4ft, which should be sufficient for use with PCs and notebooks. The quality of the cables is average for earphones in this price segment. The cables could’ve been more durable and maybe a little more flexible. After prolonged rough use, these cables might get cut or damaged near the plug. There is no microphone included, so don’t expect to use these as a hands-free device with your phone. The KSC75 uses a standard L-shaped 3.5mm connector, which means you can use it with pretty much any device. 



Being clip-on earphones, there’s not much compression in your ear, so bass in music doesn’t sound as lively and melodic as it would on a full-sized headphone or even in-ear earphones. Detail is very evident and the earphones sound really clear. Like the last Audio Technica ATH-M50, these too have a somewhat bright sound to them. Highs and mids sound fresh, while bass is a little under-powering. Hold the earphones tightly and you get a better and more deeper sounding bass. This obviously, isn’t practical in everyday use scenarios. 

Comfortable clips that cling on to your ears

Comfortable clips that cling on to your ears



Despite having an impedance of 60 Ohms, driving these aren’t a problem on all sources. We tried it on phones and PMPs and they sounded fine. With enough amplification, they do get really loud. It’s only when it’s unbearably loud that the sound starts to distort. Otherwise, these are very versatile earphones. Sure, with songs with heavy bass, there’s some cutoff and some of the instruments tend to get overshadowed. Still, they make a good set to listen to rock and metal genres of music. The lack of bass is more obvious in classical and songs with lots of vocals. There’s a clear difference from standard closed-design headphones and in-ear headphones. Those always tend to give a very heavy, filling sound whereas these tend to lacking that. Noise isolation as expected, isn’t great.



The Koss KSC75 are a decent pair of earphones for casual listening, especially while travelling. They won’t isolate you totally from the rest of the surroundings, will offer you good audio at reasonable volumes and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Priced at Rs. 1,800, they’re decent value for money. If you’re not particular about comfort or aren’t going to listen to music for hours together, you’re probably better off with in-ear earphones that are priced roughly the same. With their closed design, they offer a slightly better music listening experience than the KSC75.



Wearing Style On Ear
Frequency Response 15-25,000 Hz
Sound Pressure 101dB
Jack 3.5
Weight No Information


Carry Case No Information
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Published Date: Aug 23, 2011 09:22 am | Updated Date: Aug 23, 2011 09:22 am