Intex IN 4495 Dual SIM (GSM+ GSM) Mobile Phone

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There are just a few devices that manage to incorporate both touchscreen and keypads successfully. Some of the bigger players have done so and most of the java based mobiles have also managed it well enough keeping the complaints to a minimum. The Intex IN 4495 is one of these devices and here’s how well it worked out.

Form Factor

The 4495 is definitely one of Intex’s better looking handsets. It has a very funky, youthful look to it dressed in either black with a blue stripe or white with green. It’s light weight and easy to manage. The keys are large and spaced out to facilitate quick typing and five way navigation system also enhances maneuverability amongst the various menus. The 2.4-inch display sports a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 260K colors but is also touch sensitive. A tethered stylus is bundled with the device for use when required. A proprietary USB/Charging port is located on one side and a 3.5mm handsfree port is placed on the top. I’m not sure why these Java based handset manufacturers can’t seem to make space for a hot swap slot for the memory cards. That is however, the only drawback to the handsets design form.

Features and Performance

UI is designed to be finger friendly for simple access to menus and submenus but you will need the stylus to access some features' settings. But the duality of the UI makes navigation very simple and easy. There is a bit of lag in the interface with the 3D, gesture and screen effect settings on. Switch them off and stick to the no frills basic and it’s so much faster. The Gesture setting is something that’s quite new in this type of UI. By shaking the handset you can switch wallpapers on the desktop and move from one image to the next in the gallery. This handset also has auto-switch orientation for the video player.

One of the things that must be mentioned about the touchscreen interface is that it has a slide to unlock option like the iPhone and a pop out TouchWiz style Widget menu with drag and drop widgets with icons that are identical to Samsung's. There seems to be a lack of creativity with these manufacturers. The 4495’s UI is however, as colorful and attractive as most others and other than that little sluggish feel with all the fancy features switched on, it functions quite well.

The music player is far better than any of the other devices in the same category. It’s loud, clear and incorporates EQ presets that can be edited using a customizable 8 band graphic equalizer mode. This is something I haven’t seen yet in handsets like these and was extremely handy. The bundled handsfree is of the in-ear variety but it wasn’t too comfortable. At least you have the choice of using your own set and the better the set, the better the sound.

Published Date: Jan 23,2010 04:00 pm | Updated Date: Jan 23, 2010 04:00 pm