Intex 1900W LCD monitor(LED lit)

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Intex is a known name now in the IT peripherals space - we've reviewed more than couple of their 2.1 speaker sets. Today there is a shift in focus, and we have for dissection one of their LCD monitors - a first for us. This is an LED backlit monitor so our interest has been piqued...

Sporting just a 13.6 mm thin bezel, the side view of this monitor is rather impressively slim. It's lightweight, and fits into an oval stand with a clickfit. The finish overall is gloss black, even for the stand. A transparent plastic strip runs along the bottom edge of the front frame, with engravings of button labels, a little right of the center. Right behind these labels, are push buttons corresponding to them. When the monitor is off, these labels and lines around them glow in a luminous red hue, thus making the thin little plastic strip below the frame light up, and draw all attention to it.

The connections available are DVI-D and VGA, no HDMI. The joint between frame and stand does have a bit of wobble associated, and offers tilting up and down about 20 degrees, but no swiveling. The screen is 19 inches, with a max res of 1440 x 900. The brightness is 250 nits, response time is 2 ms, while dynamic contrast is 100,000:1.

We hooked it up via DVI, and switched it to the native res. Our regime consists of Displaymate and DVE test patterns and montages; initially we look at grayscale, which are blacks and whites only, to gauge brightness and contrast. Here the brightness level was decent but nothing to write home about, so was the contrast. After about 70 % contrast level, the whites started clipping. Black level test was passed after increasing brightness above 50 %.

The colors have a cooler tinge to it and greys look slightly bluish -but this is on test patterns. Real world images and movie trailers look OK. The LED backlight is brighter than normal CCFL. Motion performance is commendable, impressive even, as there was no issues of motion blur and moiring. It was less even on Standard definition stuff.

At a price of Rs. 8000, it does have value for money, as the looks are good and so is the motion performance. Brightness and contrast are right down the middle, colors are also nice but could use a jolt of vibrance.

Published Date: Jan 30, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Jan 30, 2010 09:58 am