Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR

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Slim is in and that is exactly what most camera manufacturers are swearing by these days. With a whole new range of cameras Fujifilm is not that far behind other well known camera manufacturers. The FinePix Z700EXR makes its presence felt with a nice slim body along with a fully sized touch interface.



The Z700EXR pretty much resembles Sony’s TX series line up of cameras – sporting a full metal body, a front sliding lens cover that also doubles up as a power button. In terms of looks the Z700EXR is quite a stunner and measures in at 98 x 59 x 20 mm which makes it slim and pocketable. The camera weighs in at 160 g which is quite justifiable since the metal body adds a certain degree of ruggedness. However it isn’t resistant to scratches – kind of sad since the nice polished look will only last a few days. The camera comes with an acceptable 5x of optical zoom along with a standard 35mm lens. In addition to this the Z700EXR comes with an effective resolution of 12 MP.

Now take a closer look at the camera and you will notice that it is literally devoid of buttons. In other words, it features a buttonless interface and comes with just a shutter release and preview button. Here you will also find the conventional zoom rocker encircling the shutter release button. Having said that, the Z700EXR comes with a wide 3.5-inch touch sensitive screen that performs well even under broad daylight. Nevertheless the screen is extremely prone to fingerprints forcing you to clean it from time to time - this also hinders overall viewability.



Apart from its drawback the Z700EXR features one of the most responsive and accurate touch interface. Moreover with a screen resolution of 460K dots per inch the overall interface is extremely bright and crisp. The cameras interface is neatly laid out with settings placed on both sides of the screen. Icons are decently large thereby easing out overall user accessibility. Apart from the 15 scene modes to choose from the Z700EXR features a film simulation mode that includes a Standard mode (Provia), Vivid mode (Velvia), Black and White and Sepia mode. That apart there is also a touch and shoot function that allows you to focus on the subject that need to shot. There is also the Dual Direction GUI that rotates the display to either portrait or landscape view – this however depends on the way the device is held. There is also a manual mode but for some unknown reason the aperture as well as the shutter speed cannot be changed. The settings that you get are more like the program mode that most other cameras offer. What you get to change are basic settings such as ISO, White Balance and Exposure.



Other features include folder management that basically allows you to stack your pictures in three different folders with the third being a protected folder – where you can lock away pictures using a password. The Z700EXR also comes with an image search feature – you can either search by date, face, scene or by data type (still images / videos).
The camera is capable of recording video at resolutions of 1280 x 720 (720p) and 640 x 480 at 30 fps. However the overall performance of the camera suffers in both indoor and outdoor shots. Colors appear dull and the camera has absolutely no control over the contrast – the quality of video is not something that can be appreciated. Moreover there are panning issues that need to be looked into.

The Z700EXR does well in terms of maintaining the overall color and saturation. Overall color is not too vivid nor is it too dull. However there is a decent amount of color bleeding seen in the image.

Another aspect that goes down well is the image sharpness. However there is a certain loss in sharpness when it comes to capturing finer details such as the leaves on the tree. Having said that, the overall sharpness is well maintained and will satisfy the average user.

Picture quality at night does well but is nothing really great to write home about. Having said that, taking pictures under low lit conditions will require real steady hands or a tripod.

The Z700EXRs macro range is a real disappointment. With a minimum shooting distance of 5.5 cm the camera’s macro range is as good as normal shots. There is absolutely no depth of field when capturing macro shots.

The Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR is a decently built camera that anyone would like to show-off but it lacks the performance that would otherwise have made this a great buy. However if video is not your main concern then the camera performs decently well when capturing still images. Image color and sharpness is well taken care of but then again the performance is noticeable under well lit conditions. Dimly lit areas bring in a whole lot of noise when scaled to a full 100 percent – resizing it does solve the problem to a certain extent. With a price tag of Rs. 13,999, the Z700EXR is not something that I would recommend as both the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W360 and the DSC-W380 offer better performance for almost the same price. The only aspect that you would miss out on is the touch-interface.



Type of Card SD, SDHC
Internal Memory 30


Type of Camera Compact
Sensor Type CCD
Digital Zoom 4x
Image Stabilizer Yes


Optical Zoom 5x


LCD Size 3.5

Shooting Specs

Shutter Speed 4-1/1000


USB Cable Yes
PictBridge No
WiFi No
Bluetooth No


Type of Battery Li Ion
Number of Batteries 1

Camera Features

Sensor Resolution 12
Digital Zoom 4x

After Sales Service

Warranty Period 1


Warranty Period 1

Published Date: Aug 13, 2010 12:30 pm | Updated Date: Aug 13, 2010 12:30 pm