F&D V620 Portable Speakers

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What do you look for in a pair of really cheap portable speakers? They should work, and sound decent. The USB powered F&D V620s go a step above that.

Design and Features
When I first took the speakers out of the box, I thought that these speakers would be great; they were heavy (which is something tiny speakers usually aren't) and looked pretty decent.  However, I then realized the heaviness was because of the stands, which are made of metal. The speakers are shiny black in color with matte finish metal stands and look pretty sleek. The cool thing about them is that the base lights up in blue when you plug them to your USB port.

The rest of the design and functionality is pretty basic; after all, these speakers are really cheap. They have a wired volume control which is much like those you get on multimedia headsets, as well as a USB connector which is used for power. I really feel that they could have done away with the wired volume control, and put it on the speakers itself, as the extra wires make the product look messy. Needless to say, the audio is played back from a 3.5 mm connector. One thing I found odd about these speakers is that you can't tell which one is for left and right, as they aren't marked with the usual L/R stamp.

When you usually buy speakers that cost this cheap, you don't expect too much. But with the V620s, you can expect nothing less than absolute value for money. These tiny little things have 1.5 inch drivers, a total output of 4 watts and a frequency response of 90 - 20,000 KHz. Sure, they distort a little when the volume is maxed out and they're a little heavy where the mid and high frequencies are concerned, but I really don't think there's a better deal out there for speakers this cheap. I tested these speakers with music ranging from Bollywood and electronic to acoustic and heavy metal, and they sound pretty good. Another great thing about these speakers is that you can actually hear the bass reasonably well.

The V620s aren't the best set of speakers, but they certainly are the best you can get for the paltry sum of Rs. 885 (There are audio cables that are more expensive than this). Though they might be a little large to carry around, they're perfect for your laptop, desktop or portable media player. I'd totally recommend this to my friends if they had a budget of less than Rs. 1,000.



Configuration 2.0
Frequency Response 90 Hz-20 KHz
Power Rating (RMS) 4 Watt
Aux Jack 3.5mm
Digital Audio Support No Information
Remote No Information

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Weight No Information
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