Epson EH-DM3 Projector With DVD Player

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Epson, one of the leading names in 3LCD display technology, have come out with a new consumer oriented Home projector model called the EH-DM3. It does the pleasingly satisfying task of combining 2 forms of related tech into one, meaning lesser headache for the consumer. It has a built in DVD drive, thus no need for a source player in this scenario. It sounds like a good idea, so let’s check it out in realtime.


The model comes clad in a full black, glossy chassis. The shape is cuboidal and a little blockish, but not really cumbersome. After all it houses a lens and a optical drive, thus a little consideration for extra weight needs to be given. All buttons are flush and similarly colored like the chassis, thus a uniformity in the aesthetics is maintained. But in my opinion, a full gloss finish is not in the same league as a subdued