Enter E-MP35 PMP 4GB

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Enter is a brand that provides a super budget category of Personal Media players, thus enabling just anyone to enjoy movies, and of course music, on the go. We have received their new MP4 player, a nifty looking little thing, so lets push play...

The product is quite lightweight, with Enter’s typical red and black exoskeleton. There are 3, symmetrically arranged columns of buttons on either side of the screen, with an on/off slider switch below. The right side panel has the volume rocker switch, and mini USB 2.0. The enter logo is printed right below the screen, and also in a larger font on the bare back panel.

Feature wise this player is actually quite nice, with drag and drop capabilities for DivX/Xvid videos, wmvs and rmvb videos, while for audio there is extensive support in the form of flac, MP3 and wma. It claims to read ebooks, and also has regular goodies like FM radio, voice recording (mic on back panel) and picture viewer. The screen is quite large at 3.4 inches, 4:3 aspect ratio, with an unknown native resolution. On turning on it looks like a 16 bit color panel. One good point is that it has a TV out function.

UI and performance
The UI is quite pleasant to look at, with the list on the left side, and an animated icon representing the current selection, on the right half. The skin can be changed to blue and yellow shades. On factory setting it has a red hue.

The audio output is loud and surprisingly clean at high levels, no real audible distortion. The mid frequencies in the frequency response was spikey, making the sound a bit ‘rough around the edges’, and extra crisp. The bass is in normal, decent amounts, but not ‘oomph’ possessing.. All this is through the included earphones, which are quite run of the mill - nothing spectacular about them.

Videos work alright but there is a glitch. One cannot watch it in its real aspect ratio - the player just doesn't make it. Thus everything is 4:3, and faces are stretched. The brightness of the screen is also a little on the lower side, and viewing angles suffer a bit on tilting, but I feel for this price you cannot expect a very good quality LCD panel, as that is the main price component. What is offered does the job well.

Ebook reader only reads TXT, no pdf or the like. The screen is not too bright, thus reading is not a pleasant experience. Battery life is again decent - we got about 4 hours 25 min on video playback and 12 hours on music.

The MRP for a 2GB player is Rs 3200 and for a 4GB player is Rs. 3700, which is surely a reasonable price. The screen quality here is not good, and the glitch of not being able to play videos in their real aspect ratio, is a complaint, but otherwise the functionality is quite nice and the mentioned audio video formats all play well. All in all it's good for those on a very stringent budget, but who still want to watch videos on the move.

Published Date: Jan 28, 2010 09:57 am | Updated Date: Jan 28, 2010 09:57 am