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Since I am a tad apprehensive about flying I’ve always been interested by the concept of the "Bermuda Triangle". Is it a myth? Do aliens really exist over there or is it a gateway to another dimension. The myths of the Bermuda Triangle have been fodder for tons of movies and TV shows till date and now Capcom’s latest title, Dark Void takes a stab at this unexplained phenomenon.

In Dark Void (DV) you’ll step into the boots of Will, voiced by Nolan North, the man behind the voice of Nathan Drake as well. On one of his routines drop offs he just so happens to pass through the Bermuda Triangle and is rudely thrust into a parallel dimension called the Void where humans are locked in an eternal battle against an evil race of robot-esque creatures called Walkers. The trouble with the plot, even though it starts off in an interesting way is that it never really gets down and dirty with the source matter. Instead it takes one of the most interesting phenomenons in modern times and converts it into a highly generic good vs. evil story we’ve had enough of. You know the drill – hesitant good guy wants nothing to do with the revolution but ends up saving the world by himself – sort of.

Generic is a word you may end up seeing a lot in this review since that one word can pretty much sum up the game. Sure it tries to bring something new to the table in the form of vertical cover system but other than that pretty much everything has been done to death (and better) in tons of action games out there. You have the roadie run and the cover system that was pretty much perfected by games like Gears of War and Uncharted along with an over the shoulder zoom in view and close quarter melee combat attacks perfected once again by the above mentioned games. In fact you’ll be tempted to blaze through the game merely by spamming the B button (the key for melee attacks on the 360 version) simply because enemies die faster with that than bullets. So I understand I’m fighting robots and killing them with just a single bullet may be a bit stupid but how the hell does Will manage to punch them and kill them in one shot. I mean how much spinach does this dude eat?

So anyway besides the run of the mill game mechanics you have the vertical cover system that the game’s very proud of. You can either jump down or climb a ledge above you while taking cover and shooting enemies. It adds an interesting dimension to the on-screen action but like the plot, never feels really fleshed out. Sure the game has a few cinematic moments, some of which I’m sure were inspired by Uncharted 2 but none of them feel as epic or mind blowing thanks to the mediocre gameplay.
A few levels down the line you’ll get possession of a jet pack, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood inventor helping the revolution (but of course). Initially you’ll only be able to hover around using this jet pack but soon you’ll be able to fly all over the void pulling off stunt maneuvers and more. As liberating as this may sound, the flying mechanics in this game aren’t very user friendly. Neither is it realistic nor is it arcady. It takes some time to get the hang of and even once you do it never feels like second nature.__STARTQUOTE__Given the game’s setting, developer Airtight Games could have come up with some truly innovative weapons but due to lack of budget or imagination we’re straddled with generic stuff__ENDQUOTE__Like I mentioned earlier gunplay in this game is pretty bland and making matters duller is Will’s arsenal that’s ripped straight out of a book titled "Clich

Published Date: Feb 03, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Feb 03, 2010 09:58 am