Creative Muvo 2 Review: A solid feature-rich splash-proof Bluetooth speaker

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Creative is a trusted brand in the audio space. They were the first ones to introduce popular consumer audio cards and Creative CD-ROM drives back in the 90’s. Today we get a smart sophisticated Bluetooth speaker from Creative called the Muvo 2.

Build and Design: 8.5/10
Creative Muvo 2 is a smart looking compact speaker. Its dimensions are 67 x 190 x 38 mm and it weighs just 340g. This is one of the lightest speakers with stereo capability.

Easy to carry in one’s shorts pockets too

Easy to carry in one’s shorts pockets too

Muvo 2 is designed with an IP66-rating meaning it is splash-proof but not water proof. It will certainly stand beach and water splashes as is evident from the fully covered body with a rubberised buttons and flap at the back but not full submersion in water.

That’s some splash, how creative, Creative!

That’s some splash, how creative, Creative!

Creative always throws in many handy features such as the capability to play music from the inbuilt micro-SD card player, connect your speaker directly to your computer via USB and the capability to add another additional speaker.

Left – MicroSD card insert, Right (top) – Muvo interface connected via USB to computer, Right (Bottom) – Multiple Muvo 2 players connected at the same time

Left – MicroSD card insert, Right (top) – Muvo interface connected via USB to computer, Right (Bottom) – Multiple Muvo 2 players connected at the same time

Passive radiator in the centre is the reason why this player has so much bass, rich sound and loudness in such a small package and the left and right stereo speakers effect of course.

It certainly reminds one of 40’s/50’s robot faces

It certainly reminds one of 40’s/50’s robot faces

While the top buttons give you access to all the players’ settings, they do concern me a bit. The button is rubberised for the splash-proof capability and is perfectly aligned with the body. However, this often meant that the buttons needed to be pressed down sufficiently to activate them. I wonder over time whether these buttons would eventually weather out with the constant presses using the nail on the rubber.

The top part of the player with all the controls you ever need.

Performance: 9/10
Objectively: The speaker provides rich sound for its size. The bass is tight though not as deep as the JBL Flip 3 with strong mids and capable highs. The speaker being stereo rather than mono and with a passive radiator for bass really does enhance sound for such a small size.

Even at high volumes, you’ll not hear the speaker wheeze with jarring sound. Strong bass tracks thrown at it were handled well with tightness, however the deep end was lost which is to be expected, these aren’t your full-range room speakers.

Subjectively: I enjoyed the speaker a lot. I liked the tightness in sound it presented especially the bass. All songs sounded foot thumpingly good with no real complaint. The inbuilt micro-SD card player will act as iPod shuffle and will not have EQ correction, this is only available via mobile connected player.

Do note that you’ll get to hear a little to a significant difference in sound depending on where you place the speaker. On the table, it sounded a lot cleaner and tighter than on the bed.

Call Quality: 8/10
The call quality of this Bluetooth speaker has little to complain about. There is nothing obviously different or better to report, it works and yes as typical as most Bluetooth speakers, it makes the voice to a caller on the other end sound hollow and of course distant than when compared with holding a phone up to your face to talk.

Battery: 8/10
The battery lasts for close to 10 hours. The 2200mAh Li-ion battery is quite capable and doesn’t weigh the speaker down much either. Come to think of it my old Nexus 5’s battery is around the same capacity and lasts for as much time after so many years of abuse.

Verdict and Price in India
Comparing this with JBL Flip 3, I liked them both. The form factor, the sound, the price is all too familiar. You won’t be disappointed with either. Though the Muvo 2 does offer more features such as an inbuilt SD card player and direct computer connect functionality.

For a price of Rs 8,500 approx., the Creative Muvo 2 is definitely a recommend.



Configuration Portable
Aux Jack Yes
Remote Yes

Speaker Dimensions

Satellites 67 x 190 x 38 mm


Weight 340 grams
Warranty 1 Year

Published Date: Mar 31,2017 10:00 am | Updated Date: Mar 31, 2017 10:00 am